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Wildfire Energy

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Investment Highlights

Revenue generating waste to value clean tech with blue-chip customers

Customers and partners include Hitachi, Calix, Sims Resource Renewal, Sembcorp, Naturgy, Itochu, BP, BOC, Puma Energy

Project Proton - Term sheet signed on funded first commercial project in Brisbane, Australia with Calix

PreSeries A round priced at a discount to Series A for early investors

Company Overview

MIHG technology developed, ready for deployment

Proven technology with pilot plant. Processed over 20 different waste feedstocks with detailed design of the MIHG commercial reactor

Producing hydrogen from waste

One of a global minority of companies producing hydrogen from landfill waste

Revenues forecast to exceed $1M

12 month revenue forecast > $1M. Contract with European multinational energy company for $600K with grant revenues between $500K to $1M expected

Project pipeline with more than 20 opportunities

Pipeline of project opportunities with global blue chip customers in Japan, Spain, Hungary, Iceland, USA, Malaysia, Singapore and elsewhere

Company Purpose

Wildfire Energy’s purpose is to create a more sustainable planet by converting residual biomass and wastes destined for landfill into higher-value renewable energy products such as electricity and hydrogen and biofuels, with net negative emissions.

Global solid waste generation is over 2 billion tonnes annually and responsible for over 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Wildfire Energy’s MIHG technology is specifically engineered to process a wide range of wastes, reduce emissions, support recycling and achieve a more circular and sustainable economy.


The world generates over 2 billion tonnes of waste annually, generating over 5% of global emissions. Most of this waste ends up in landfill, or worse is left in open dumps, where it breaks down releasing methane directly into the atmosphere and causing pollution of soil and water.

Recycling still generates residual wastes and there are large quantities of under-utilised residual biomass from agriculture and farming. At the same time there is a great demand for low-cost renewable energy and hydrogen to decarbonise industry.


Wildfire Energy is commercialising the MIHG technology which has been specifically designed to process difficult solid waste residuals into energy products at distributed scale. The MIHG technology uses a revolutionary batch process for gasification of biomass and residual wastes which utilizes a unique horizontal configuration with a moving injection point, which enables economical small-scale distributed processing of these waste residuals for the first time.

The initial MIHG commercial offering is a containerised and modular plant that can be configured to process a wide range of wastes into a combination of electricity, renewable heat and hydrogen.

Competitive Advantage

The MIHG technology has many key competitive advantages. The below features drive a low-cost design that is suitable for a wide range of applications:

Suitable for a wide range of feedstocks without pre-treatment

Simple, robust design is less sensitive to feedstock variability and contamination

Combined storage, drying and gasification in the one unit

No restriction on feedstock composition, avoiding bed and grate clogging issues

Syngas is produced at moderate temperatures, eliminating need for expensive high-temperature heat recovery systems

Wildfire has achieved the following milestones

Build fully operational MIHG pilot plant at 1 tonne per day scale which replicates the commercial design. Successfully processed a wide range of different wastes including MSW, C&D, green waste, wheat straw and many commercial wastes

Has first patent family granted in Australia, USA, China and soon Europe, with a second patent family currently under examination

Built relationships with key customers and partners including Hitachi of Japan and a range of other multi-national corporations

Secured over A$2.8M of government grants

Earnt service revenues from customers of over A$0.5M; with forecast revenue to reach A$1M in the next 12 months

Been accepted into four global accelerators including the prestigious Katapult climate accelerator (Norway) and Petronas Futuretech3 (Malaysia)

Signed site option and lease agreement with BP Australia for first commercial project, Project Proton. Wildfire is currently progressing with the engineering and permitting of this project and expects to start construction in 2024 after the Series A capital raise and has already secured Calix as a co-funding partner for Project Proton

Market Opportunity

The global market opportunity for the MIHG technology for all residue types is conservatively estimated at over 10,000 projects globally

Globally the opportunity for wastes destined for landfill has a total addressable market (TAM) of 2,107 mtpa and a service available market (SAM) of around 250 mtpa

Major waste types include municipal solid waste, construction and demolition waste and residual biomasses of all types

Total market opportunity value estimated at $0.5 trillion with potential to reduce GHG emissions by 1 gigaton by 2050

The major initial markets are in developed countries in Europe, North America, China and Asia

Products & Services

Wildfire’s main product is the MIHG (Moving Injection Horizontal Gasification) technology, which has been patented in Australia, USA, China and Europe. This is a platform technology, developed to convert wastes destined for landfill into renewable energy products such as hydrogen and electricity.

The first commercial product is a modularised design to process a wide range of waste feedstocks into electricity and hydrogen. Wildfire is already working on scaled-up reactors for several customers, such as Calix, to decarbonise the global cement and lime industries.

As part of its technology offering, Wildfire provides the following services:

Pilot testing of waste feedstocks to confirm the performance of the MIHG technology for specific waste types

Feasibility Studies to assess project viability

Technical services to support projects including Concept Design, Basic Engineering and Commissioning support


Transaction Overview

Raising up to A$2M via Convertible Note, priced at a 20% discount to the Series A fundraising round.


Prepapre Project Proton for construction 2024, including engineering, ordering and commercial contracts


Accelerate team growth to support project pipeline in Japan (Hitachi), Europe, Asia and USA


Develop commercial supply chain with partners to enable delivery of tech to customers in 2024


Working capital

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