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Xite Holdings Ltd

Privately owned lottery

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Transaction Summary

Xite Holdings Ltd

  • Raising A$2.5M

  • Offer Price A$5 per share

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Investment Highlights

  • Unique alphabet-based lottery concept with a pending patent

  • Exclusive rights of the Alphabet Lottery IP allow the Company to license rights of use or commercial exploitation to any other approved company

  • Strategic partnership announced with SCCG Management for Global distribution

Company Overview

Unique lottery product for global audience

Xite’s signature product, the AZ Billions Lottery™, is a unique alphabet-based lottery concept with a pending patent. They believe this is the first new lottery concept to be launched into the world Lottery market since Powerball in the early 1990’s.

As owners of Alphabet Lottery IP Xite can license rights of use or commercial exploitation to any other company or person approved by the Company. Licences drive brand awareness and increase overall revenues, reducing risk in an array of formats, images, and types, each with the potential to set the odds for that game.

A scalable business where other products (including scratch card lottery, online, real money mainstream lotteries and social gaming) can be added to the product mix to complement the business, under the same gaming license.

All licences & corporate structures are in place

Much of the challenging work is complete with the creation of the AZ Billions Lottery™, the establishment of thier licensed subsidiary (AZB Games NV in Curacao that holds the gaming licence in the Netherlands Antilles) along with a subsidiary in Cyprus, providing merchant facilities in Europe, are complete and ready for a launch.

Funds will be used to finance the launch of the business by strengthening the marketing, IT, operations, and other corporate services on the journey to profitability and beyond.

Company Structure

The Company was incorporated on 26 August 2021 and is the parent controlling entity for the business conducted by the group. The Company currently has three subsidiaries, AZB Games NV (Curaçao Co), AZB Games Group Holding Company Limited (Cyprus Co) and AZBalls Jackpot Pty Ltd (AZB).

AZB Games NV (Curaçao Co) Curaçao Co was incorporated on 16 July 2021 in Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles. which holds the gaming licence on behalf of the company

AZBGames Group Holdings Limited (Cyprus Co) Cyprus Co was incorporated on 27 August 2021, in Cyprus. Curaçao Co is the sole shareholder of Cyprus Co. Its purpose is to support the operation of merchant facilities in Europe.

AZBalls Jackpot Pty Ltd (AZB) AZB was originally established to develop the contemplated lottery product. 99.5% of the issued share capital of AZB was acquired by the Company on 2 June 2022 in consideration of the issue of an equal number of fully paid shares in the Company.

Strategic Partners

SCCG Management LLC


Agile Underwriting Services

Fast Offshore

Transaction Overview


The Offer seeks to raise up to A$2.5M (before Offer costs and expenses) for the Company by the issue of up to 500,000 Shares at an Offer Price of A$5 per Share

Use of funds


38.5%Operating Costs

18%Corporate Costs



  • Management
  • Craig Austin


  • Jure (George) Kolic


  • Daniel Guest

    Marketing Director

  • Adam Gallagher

    Company Secretary

  • Padraig O’donovan

    CTO/CIO Service

  • David Sidhu

    CFO service


  • January 2023

    SCCG teams up with Xite Holdings
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  • January 2023

    SCCG to Provide Xite with Advisory Services
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  • January 2023

    Xite Holdings strikes alphabet lottery distribution deal with SCCG Management
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