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Company Overview

yuriQa offers both SaaS and Enterprise big data insights solutions for travel agencies.

Travel agencies are struggling to make the right decisions from huge and complex data sets. yuriQa transforms live travel data into immediately actionable data insights which help travel agencies to become more profitable by uncovering hidden savings and revenue opportunities in their travel data.

yuriQa is forecasting to achieve total annual revenues of A$51.8M by FY22 even at market share levels of just 2%. At 5% market share, revenues would exceed $110M. Currently they have an annual revenue run rate of A$330k, growing at an average rate of 12% per month for existing MVP. yuriQa also have a network of 40 customers in 8 countries with a pipeline revenue of A$1.6M.

yuriQa is seeking to raise A$2.0M in seed capital to fund three main initiatives:

  1. Build out and commercialise Artificial Intelligence prototype for a corporate travel Virtual Travel Manager platform,
  2. Accelerate revenue growth through global marketing and sales activities, and
  3. Integration of other big data sources including other global distribution systems.
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