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FY18 Results Update

Moneytech delivered significant consolidated growth (14%) with all three business units achieving new growth records.

Moneytech Finance: In the Finance business unit, Moneytech added 3 business development managers and with their input grew the book by 67% year-on-year (YoY) increase. They have onboarded 43 new clients with facility limits totalling ~$70 million (limits do not reflect funds-in-use) with customer attrition rates at less than 5% (which is “best-in-market” performance).

Moneytech Payments: The Payments business unit processed $811M across 2.8M transactions – 565% increase from last FY. The Automated Payment Services (APS) area is starting to pay dividends and is 112% larger in revenue than in FY18, and 156% larger in terms of GP. Furthermore, under the APS area: transaction volumes grew more than 10X YoY, 20X increase in terms of value to $720M, the client base doubled and achieved deeper penetration in select industry verticals.Moneytech is also adding powerful receivables features into its system to further facilitate the whole payments-flow chain. The OTC Bill Payments business has doubled in size.This all culminated in Moneytech being nominated for the Payments Innovator of the Year by the Fintech Business Awards.

Moneytech FX: Moneytech FX grew from average revenues of $25,000 per month to over $100,000 per month with this trend expected to continue. Revenue for the year was $1.2M, with run rate revenue significantly higher than ever before. It has onboarded 42 new clients and began transacting with two new liquidity providers – a large American and Swiss multinational banks.

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