March 25, 2019

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Jamie Green

Following the recent takeover of PrimaryMarkets Limited (PrimaryMarkets) by Linqto, Inc. (Linqto), the California-based global investor network and investment platform, we are pleased to announce that Greg Kidd’s Hard+Yaka Inc (Hard+Yaka) has paid Linqto US$1M to fund the exploration of strategic partnership opportunities with Hard+Yaka entities including GlobalId.

Hard+Yaka is a successful, well-connected Bay Area based advisory/investing entity founded by Mr. Greg Kidd who is recognised as one of America’s most impactful investors. Mr Kidd’s investments include founding adviser/investor in bothTwitter and Square.He has also backed cryptocurrency start- ups Coinbase and Ripple, along with a number of other successful early-stage entities. Mr Kidd was able to leverage his payments background when Jack Dorsey and co-founder Jim McKelvey launched Square.

Greg was recently appointed as a Strategic Advisor to Linqto.

Linqto is now working side-by-side with Hard+Yaka’s latest venture GlobalId which is seeking to boost Internet security by making today’s ubiquitous usernames and passwords obsolete. Hard+Yaka and Linqto will now proceed with integration of GlobalId into its platform development for verification of Accredited Investorsglobally.

Nicholas Capp, CEO of Linqto and founding MD/CEO of PrimaryMarkets said:

“Linqto is delighted and honoured that Greg and Hard+Yaka identified Linqto and PrimaryMarkets as partners to build the next generation of tools to support private investing globally.

Our mission statement of “Making Private Investing Simple” compliments Greg’s vision for GlobalId and together we aim to create a radically simple attestation system for accredited investors everywhere.

We could not be more excited with Greg’s support of our business and his shared vision.”

Greg Kidd, Founder/CEO of Hard+Yaka said:

“I believe that the current system of identification using usernames and passwords, coupled with extensive banking regulations to fight fraud, is rife with problems. Security measures are effectively locking out people with little money and small accounts, while fraudsters are having a field day, finding ways to steal and launder money all over the world. You should have a unique name that travels across manysites.

We are looking to move away from a username and password model and the Linqto vision sits nicely in our sweetspot.”

About Linqto

Linqto, Inc. is a California-based software company with its origins in the financial services sector. Linqto’s mission is to be the source for investors to discover, access, engage and transact investments in the private equity market segment and the source for private companies to raise capital and trade private equity with those investors. On January 30, 2019 Linqto acquired 100% of PrimaryMarkets – a global independent unlisted/private securities and investments platform offering end-to-end solution for trading existing securities, raising new capital and full transactional management. Seamless execution from trading through to blockchain based digital registry services. Linqto delivers a liquidity Platform for Private Securities and Investments for global Sellers and Buyers being in most jurisdictions worldwide.

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