25th October 2016

PrimaryMarkets is delighted to announce that Jamie Green has joined PrimaryMarkets as Managing Director of our newest division PrimaryMarkets Advisory followingthree years as Head of M&A Advisory at Patersons Securities.

PrimaryMarkets’ Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Nicholas Capp said:

We are delighted that Jamie will now lead our PrimaryMarkets Advisory business.

Jamie is a successful corporate advisor, Investment banker and current solicitor. He has held leading roles with investment houses such as Phillip Capital, KPMG Corporate Finance and Beerworth and Partners.

Jamie is a Fellow of the AICD and a past President of the NSW Division of the AICD.

Jamie’s expertise and reputation enhances PrimaryMarkets’ wealth of Corporate Advisory and Investment Banking experience both within Australia and internationally as Jamie together with PrimaryMarkets’ Board Members Brett Spork, Peter Curry and Gavin Solomon have combined 100+ years of expertise and success,”

PrimaryMarkets Advisory Managing Director, James Green said:

“I am excited to be leading PrimaryMarkets Advisory which will work closely alongside PrimaryMarkets providing a full suite of advisory and capital markets solutions to both private and public companies as they navigate their way through the financial markets.

I am a seed investor in PrimaryMarkets as I strongly believe that the PrimaryMarkets platform and offering is the new age way of delivering liquidity to the investment marketplace and thus brings with it the opportunity for a new age approach to corporate advisory services.”

PrimaryMarkets delivers liquidity for Unlisted Securities and Investments. PrimaryMarkets is led by a highly-professional Board with strong marketplace experience and is an unlisted public company with a diverse shareholding of institutional, professional and wholesale/sophisticated/accredited investors. PrimaryMarkets has an ever growing base of Sellers, Buyers and Intermediaries and offers solutions for global investors in most jurisdictions worldwide.

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