PrimaryMarkets Limited (PrimaryMarkets) is delighted to announce that it has selected Rivver Inc. (USA) (Rivver) as one of its long-term technology providers to scale the global businesses of PrimaryMarkets and its wholly owned subsidiary PrimaryLedger Pty Limited (PrimaryLedger).

The aim is to provide PrimaryMarkets’ clients including companies, Funds and Private Equity with an enhanced way to keep track of their investor records using distributed ledger technology, manage new fundraisings, manage secondary trading and to distribute their offerings globally through an online, secure and independent platform.  

Rivver was founded on the premise that Alternative Investment Issuers want to record and trace the interests of their underlying investors, raise new capital from sophisticated investors (Accredited, Wholesale, Professional, Institutional and Private Equity Investors) and provide an online early liquidity solution but as the current investor management tools and methods are so manual, many Issuers are struggling to do so at scale.

Located between New York City and Tel Aviv, Rivver (and now PrimaryMarkets/PrimaryLedger) provides a suite of solutions for Alternative Investment Issuers.

This appointment marks:

  • A significant milestone for Rivver as this is its first licensing agreement with any broker-dealer.
  • A proprietary white-label global solution to be branded “PrimaryLedger” is exclusively licenced for Australia and New Zealand and non-exclusively for Hong Kong, Singapore and China. 


Gavin Solomon, Founder and Executive Chairman of PrimaryMarkets, said:

“PrimaryMarkets is delighted to have Rivver as its alliance partner for Asia. Rivver grew from an IBM accelerator in Israel and is now in the Microsoft ecosystem based in New York.

The Rivver technology is a fantastic addition to the core products and services of PrimaryMarkets and our digital registry service, PrimaryLedger. This major step means our technology footprint just became more robust and global with leading-edge distributed ledger foundations.

We see this enhanced offering as a great impetus for the global growth of our Private Trading Hubs for unlisted/private companies and Funds and will prove attractive to our current 110,000+ global Investor Network.”

David Benizri, Founder and CEO of Rivver, said:

“As a means of limiting the time spent managing the current manual investor management methods, Issuers are forced to set unfavorable terms for their investors. These ‘unfavorable’ terms can include matters such as high minimum investment tickets and little to no rights to have a liquidity event prior to the end of the investment term, all of which ultimately causes significant challenges for investors when evaluating potential opportunities, especially wealthy individuals.

Especially in these times of crisis and remote working, digital tools for alternative investments are now no longer a luxury, but a necessity to stay afloat. In this new reality, deals will either close remotely or not close at all. Managing back-office processes manually has now become even more painful.

We got introduced to the PrimaryMarkets team right at the start of the COVID-19 crisis and it was a natural fit right from the get go. Gavin, James, and the rest of the PrimaryMarkets team are forward thinkers and bring decades of alternative investment experience.

We are delighted to be given the opportunity to be working with the PrimaryMarkets team and we look forward to a long term and fruitful relationship”.

About PrimaryMarkets

PrimaryMarkets – The Trading and Investment Platform for Unlisted Securities. PrimaryMarkets provides an end-to-end solution for trading existing securities, raising new capital and full transaction management with seamless execution from trading through to registry. Core Products and Services include:

  • Private Trading Hubs – Trading facility for existing securities in unlisted companies and Funds.
  • Digital Registry Services via PrimaryLedger.
  • Secondary Trading – Multiple one-off trading opportunities for securityholders in private companies and Funds. Raising New Capital – Non-exclusive distribution of new raisings by private companies and Funds.
  • Investor Centres – Connecting companies and Funds to Investors promoting liquidity and increasing market presence.

About Rivver

Rivver is an end-to-end software platform for alternative investment issuers (real estate project managers, private equity funds, loan originators, private companies…). Rivver provides a double-facing interface for both issuers and their investors, providing digital workflows to manage new fundraisings, manage investor records and, for the first time, allow investors to trade their holdings, in a painless and controlled way.

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