January 16, 2019

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Jamie Green

Our Chairman Gavin Solomon and MD/CEO Nicholas Capp are currently in San Francisco progressing the integration of our trading platform and investor network with Linqto Inc. a California-based global investor network and investment company, that provides a full technology platform for networks such as The Western Bankers Association and Keiretsu Forum.

On 20 December 2018 Linqto made an all- script Takeover Offer for 100% of investment trading platform PrimaryMarkets to grow a global independent private securities and investments platform offering end-to-end solution for trading existing securities, raising new capital and full transactional management.

Seamless execution from digital AML/KYC onboarding to trading and settlement through to blockchain based digital registry services with tokenised title.

The Takeover Offer follows the recent agreement between Linqto and Hard Yaka Inc., a successful, well-connected San Francisco-based advisory/investing party.

Hard Yaka was founded by Mr. Greg Kidd who was also a founding adviser/investor in both Twitter and Square and who has become an advisor to Linqto.

Yesterday, Gavin and Nicholas plus members of the Linqto team meet with Greg Kidd and his Chief of Staff Margaret Slemmer at Digital Garage San Francisco which is both Hard Yaka and Linqto’s offices.

Greg Kidd’s investments include early stakes in Dorsey’s Twitter and Square, where he was an initial adviser. Kidd has also backed cryptocurrency start-ups Coinbase and Ripple, along with more than 100 other start-ups.

Kidd also found his way into Twilio’s investor base when the cloud communications start-up acquired one of his portfolio companies.

Twilio’s stock has gone from less than US$25 to more than US$85 in 2018. “I wish I had been in Twilio from the start,” Greg has been quoted as saying.

Greg Kidd’s key focus now is his role as co-founder and CEO of globalId, which is seeking to boost Internet security by making today’s ubiquitous usernames and passwords obsolete.

Work is now commencing for integration of the Linqto and PrimaryMarkets platforms and business with the Hard Yaka portfolio businesses which will include:

  • globalId Identity Namespace – integration support to allow use of globalId names as identity markers for parties utilizing and transacting on our Platform.
  • globalId Attestation API – integration support to attach accredited investor attestations and documentation for investor participation on our Platform.
  • globalId Connect – integration of globalId Connect so that users can securely connect to Platform service offerings without reliance on username/password combinations.
  • localiD Connect – integration of globalId Identity Namespace issuance option in the signup flow for our Platform’s users so that a globalId upgrade option is provided to new/existing client users.
  • globalId Custodial API – integration of globalId Custodial API for execution of transactions on our Platform.
  • Yaka Ledger– integration of Yaka Ledger hot wallets to allow payment flows between globalId identities and our Platform for clearing and settlement of financial transactions.

PrimaryMarkets and Linqto are excited with this strategic alliance with Hard Yaka.

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