September 28, 2018

By -

Jamie Green

PrimaryMarkets Limited (PrimaryMarkets) is proud to announce its Strategic Alliance with Core Property Research Pty Limited (Core Property Research).

Core Property Research was established in July 2017 to provide market leading research on the property funds sector in Australia and overseas for property fund managers and their clients/investors.

PrimaryMarkets will now promote research published by Core Property Research to its Investor Network.Core Property Research will promote PrimaryMarkets and PrimaryLedger (its Digital Registry Services entity) to its network of fund managers and investors.

Mutual Opportunities for both Companies include:

  • PrimaryMarkets presenting its services at the upcoming Core Property Annual Property Funds Industry Forum being held at Noosa Heads Queensland between 14th to 16th October 2018; and
  • Secondary Trading on PrimaryMarkets platform for securities in Property Funds identified or sourced by Core Property Research.


Nicholas Capp, MD/CEO of PrimaryMarkets said:
“PrimaryMarkets looks forward to working closely with Core Property Research as a Channel Partner for our 40,000+ investor network.Our alliance with Core Property Research will enhance and grow our position as the preferred platform for secondary trading of securities (units) plus raising new funds in the unlisted Property Trusts or REITs not only in Australia but worldwide.”

Dinesh Pillutla, MD/CEO of Core Property Research said:
“Core Property Research looks forward to working with Primary Markets to grow the investor marketplace appetite for investing in both listed AREITs and Unlisted Property Funds.

We understand and cover the entire Australian property funds landscape and we look forward to working closely with PrimaryMarkets to build awareness and be a pro-active tool for investors to assess opportunities in not only the Australian marketplace but also overseas”.

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