Predictive intelligence platform that uses AI and big data 








Investment Highlights

B2B predictive intelligence platform that uses AI and big data to help companies identify potential customers and predict their buying intent.
The platform integrates with various CRM and marketing automation systems to enhance lead generation and improve sales efficiency.

Company Overview

6sense is a leading B2B predictive intelligence platform designed to help businesses identify potential customers and predict their buying intent using artificial intelligence and big data analytics. Here's a detailed overview of how 6sense works and some examples of its products:

Data Collection and Integration:

  • 6sense collects data from various sources, including web traffic, CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, email interactions, and third-party data providers.
  • This data is integrated and aggregated to create a comprehensive view of potential customers and their behaviors.

AI and Machine Learning:

  • The platform leverages AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze the collected data.
  • These algorithms identify patterns and trends, helping to predict which companies are likely to be in-market for specific products or services.

Account Identification and Scoring:

  • 6sense uses predictive analytics to score accounts based on their likelihood to purchase.
  • Accounts are prioritized based on their intent signals, engagement levels, and fit with the company's ideal customer profile.

Actionable Insights:

  • The platform provides actionable insights and recommendations for sales and marketing teams.
  • These insights help teams to tailor their outreach and engagement strategies, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their campaigns.

Integration with Existing Systems:

  • 6sense integrates seamlessly with CRM systems (like Salesforce), marketing automation platforms (like Marketo and HubSpot), and other sales and marketing tools.
  • This integration ensures that the insights provided by 6sense are easily accessible and actionable within the tools that teams already use.


6sense Insights:

  • Provides comprehensive account and contact insights, including buying intent, engagement history, and predictive scores.
  • Helps sales and marketing teams prioritize high-value accounts and personalize their outreach efforts.

6sense Orchestration:

  • Automates and orchestrates personalized marketing campaigns based on predictive insights.
  • Enables dynamic segmentation and real-time targeting to engage the right accounts at the right time.

6sense Segments:

  • Allows users to create and manage dynamic segments of accounts based on intent data, engagement metrics, and predictive scores.
  • These segments can be used for targeted marketing campaigns and sales outreach.

6sense Revenue AI:

  • Provides advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to measure the effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts.
  • Helps teams understand the impact of their activities on revenue generation and optimize their strategies accordingly.

6sense ABM (Account-Based Marketing):

  • Facilitates account-based marketing strategies by identifying and targeting high-value accounts.
  • Offers tools for personalized engagement, multi-channel campaigns, and performance tracking.


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