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Connecting Banks and SMBs



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Investment Highlights

  • 9Spokes unlocks the full potential of open data for Banks

  • Building powerful tools for businesses to engage their customers and build long-term loyalty

Company Overview

  • Connecting Banks with their SMB Customers

    Helping customers visualize & monitor business data in one simple dashboard

  • Becoming "the centre" of business customers daily financial lives

    Giving banks the tools to deliver exceptional exprei

Unlocking customer experiences through open data

9Spokes unlocks the potential of open data and open banking by collecting consented data from businesses to give financial institutions

These tools make the financial institution “the center” of their business customers’ daily financial lives.

These business intelligence solutions help banks engage and support their customers better by visualizing

9Spokes have a shared vision. Small businesses are at the heart of everything they do. Join their global business ecosystem and build a loyal and engaged client base.

9Spokes aggregates meaningful data across your customers’ business, their apps, and your bank, providing personalized intel. Think of 9Spokes as a digital resource, here to motivate and guide your customers.

Let data drive your business decisions.

Put your data to work. The 9Spokes business dashboard gives a single, 360° view of your company across all areas — from finance to marketing, and every vital thing in between.

Choose the insights that matter to your business — think cash flow, sales revenue, stock on hand, campaign performance — to gauge performance and make quick, sharp business decisions.


Founded on connecting the ecosystem of applications businesses need to function

9Spokes was founded in 2012 and has been trusted by small and large clients ever since to bring coherence to an overwhelming network of applications and data companies navigate every day.

Their solutions unify the 9 key ‘spokes’ of business – money, customers, product, people, marketing, sales, information, productivity and industry – to fully support business growth and success.

Products & Services

9 Spokes Track



Deliver a sleek business banking experience to customers to increase customer engagement and retention.

Aggregate cash balances, see upcoming transactions and view credit card and loan outstandings for a full 360 banking experience.



Help your business customers manage their cash flow by connecting their general ledger to a sleek banking experience.

Understand current cash positions, see cash flow against budget, view transactions impacting cash flow and use a simple kanban calendar interface to change due dates for bills and invoices.


Business Apps

Give customers a consolidated view of the apps they most commonly use with curated insights.

Understand all key business metrics in one place and select sales and marketing apps to view insights within the banks online banking portal.

 9 Spokes Open


Business data with one API

Build integrated products for your business customers by linking with their most used apps.

Build faster integrations with consented customer data that can speed up long processes like lending operations.

Banking customer can connect their most popular apps including Square, Quickbooks, Stripe, Shopify and many others.


  • Management
  • Jesper Petersen

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Maddison Kinney

    Finance Manager

  • Marty Montague

    General Counsel and Chief Commercial Officer

  • Riki Mitchell

    Head of Product & Data



  • January 2023

    9Spokes International (ASX:9SP) to delist from the ASX
    Read more

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