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Investment Highlights

The Future of Plasma Fractionation Has Arrived - Aegros HaemaFrac®

This innovative technology reduces production steps, eliminates the need for solvents, and utilizes electrical charge to isolate plasma proteins with high yield, purity, and activity, offering cost savings, environmental benefits, improved safety, and enhanced protection against pathogens

Successfully manufacturing a hyperimmune against Covid-19 for clinical trial

Successfully completing the sentinel group of the clinical trial of the hyperimmune against Covid-19

Company Overview

Transforming the lives of patients

With a safe, secure, sustainable supply of therapeutic plasma products

The Aegros HaemaFrac® will save lives and improve people’s health globally

This is a breakthrough the world has been waiting for

Aegros Ltd is a developer of therapeutic plasma drugs, dedicated to creating hyperimmunes for both existing and emerging diseases. With a focus on the therapeutic plasma products market, the company utilizes cutting-edge technology that leverages the mobility of ions in an electric field to transport proteins across a membrane into a collection chamber.

This innovative approach enables Aegros to develop hyperimmune products for a wide range of diseases and illnesses, empowering frontline healthcare workers in combating these conditions and providing passive immunity globally. The company aims to integrate its multi-patent pending CyMES technology with existing processes to deliver safer and more affordable therapeutic plasma products.

At Aegros, they firmly believe that access to life-saving drugs is a fundamental human right, not a privilege. Ultimately, their mission is centred around putting patients first through innovation.

Aegros represents a game-changing platform that is revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

With its streamlined processes, integrated EHR system, patient engagement tools, and robust data security measures, Aegros empowers healthcare providers to deliver high-quality care while fostering a patient-centric approach.

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Aegros’s HaemaFrac® is a groundbreaking membrane-based tangential flow preparative electrophoresis process that revolutionizes plasma fractionation technologies. Unlike traditional ethanol-based methods, HaemaFrac® offers a single-step, scalable solution that achieves higher yield, purity, and process efficiency while eliminating the need for multiple steps and solvents. This innovative technology enables the isolation of plasma proteins in their native state and the simultaneous removal of viruses, representing a significant advancement for the industry.

With the blood and plasma industry dominated by long-standing technologies from CSL, Grifols, and Takeda, Aegros aims to disrupt the market with the HaemaFrac® machine and process. Aegros’ solution not only achieves higher yields from smaller batch sizes but also operates significantly faster, leading to reduced COGS. This increased efficiency enables countries to establish domestic fractionation industries, enhancing self-sufficiency.


Aegros is developing Covimmune™, a hyperimmune against Covid-19, as our first product.

Extensive research and clinical trials are being undertaken because it is vital that this new treatment option against Covid-19 takes its place among the medicines that have already been developed.


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