World’s leading natural silicon fertiliser company

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World’s leading natural silicon fertiliser company








Investment Highlights

  • Pathway to Growth: Over $160M invested to date with company at sales tipping point

  • Best-in-class Solution: Up to 60% extra yield, better quality produce and soil remediation

  • Solid Financial Fundamentals: High margin, recurring revenue from fertiliser sales

  • Global leader in the industry with numerous patents and trademarks

Company Overview

  • World Class Asset

    Over 1.8 billion tonnes available with over 200 year life of mine

  • Sales Network

    Major international distributors in place to sell products quickly

  • Solid Financial Fundamentals

    High margin, recurring revenue from fertiliser sales

  • Highly Acquisitive Market

    Major chemical and fertiliser players in competition to be market leader

The world’s leading natural silicon fertiliser company.

Backed by science, proven in the field, Agripower provides cost-effective natural silicon solutions serving the global agriculture community

Agripower’s unique range of AgrisilicaTM fertilisers and soil amendments are produced in Queensland and sold domestically and into export markets as an accredited organic agricultural input with applications across cropping, horticulture, orchards, lawns and turf.

Agripower’s unrivalled expertise, trusted partnerships and commitment to R&D has made it the world’s largest producer of 100% natural PAS fertilisers

Over 400 independent trials have been completed confirming the benefits of Agrisilica in more than 40 different types of crops in varying soil and climate regions around the world.

The results show a sustained increase in plant quality, crop yields and economic benefit to farmers and growers.


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Agrisilica is an ideal fertiliser for supplying Si to crops. It also has the added benefits of a high cation exchange capacity (CEC) enabling better retention and uptake of nutrients as well as an ability to absorb and release large amounts of moisture.

Benefits include:

Reduction in the use of chemical fertilisers

Ease of use by admixing with standard NPK fertilisers

Increased crop yield, quality, size and shelf life

Improved management of biotic and abiotic stresses such as drought, salinity

Additional Information

  • Company Presentations


  • Management
  • Directors
  • Peter Prentice

    Managing Director

  • Christina Walls


  • Bruce Cairns

    Agronomist & Technical Manager

  • Sarah Russell French

    Research & Registrations

  • Jonathan Robbeson

    General Manager Operations

  • Peter Prentice

    Managing Director



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