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Company Overview

AIRR Holdings Limited (AIRR) was an Australia’s unlisted rural and peri-urban rural merchandising buying group which was the subject of a successful Takeover Offer by Elders Group Limited (ASX.ELD) in October 2019 @ EV A$157M.

AIRR was developed to support independent retail stores competing against their corporate or franchise competitors. AIRR is a member based buying and marketing group who stock and supply Independent Rural Merchandise and Pet & Produce stores with their products to on-sell to end-users.

From Q1 018 to Q4 2019 AIRR operated a Private Trading Hub with PrimaryMarkets

Share Trading range when first listed on PrimaryMarkets trading hub in May 2018 was $6.60 to last traded price pre takeover in October 2019 of A$8.50.

The Takeover premium by Elders Limited (ASX listed) @ A$10.85 per share – EV A$157M delivered up to a 65% increase from takeover in November 2019.

AIRR had 194 shareholders with PrimaryMarkets also managing the AIRR share registry and processed all the Takeover Offer documentation and communications to shareholders.

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