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Arbortech is committed to research and development that has resulted in a wide range and steady stream of versatile woodworking and masonry products that are successfully being marketed and sold worldwide.

The Hammersaw – is set to revolutionize concrete cutting with technology and features that tick all the boxes – fast dry cutting, low dust and improved efficiency – while also being vastly safer than current methods not only for the environment but for the operators.

The Hammersaw’s first commercial product application will be an attachment to skid steer loaders and excavators.

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30 years of leadership
For over 30 years, Arbortech has demonstrated a proven ability to bring unique cutting tools and accessories to market.

More than three decades ago in a small country town of South West Australia, Kevin Inkster was prototyping Arbortech’s first commercial product known as the woodcarver blade.

This small disc was sold as an attachment to an angle grinder and used for shaping wood in a way never before imagined.

This new genre of woodworking is now commonly referred to as “Power Carving”.

The TURBOPlane was launched in 2012 and is one of our most-loved products.

Today, Arbortech proudly leads this industry with a truly revolutionary range of tools that have inspired our customer’s creative spirit around the world.

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