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Winning the War on Waste








Investment Highlights

  • Commercialisation of innovative waste processing technology in progress

  • Commercially viable and environmentally sustainable solutions to landfill

  • Strong economic model with high returns

  • Global expansion opportunities

Company Overview

  • Innovative Biotechnology for resource recovery from waste

  • Leading Agritech Innovation using insect technology

  • Total Circular Solutions for food security and renewable energy

  • A solution to the plastic waste dilemma

Recover, re-form and re-purpose waste

The ARC Process™ consists of processes that are used to recover, re-form and re-purpose all mixed unsegregated waste components.

From the recovery of nutrients from the organic waste components to the conversion of plastic waste into hydrogen and industrial carbon, this technology forms the foundation for real solutions to global waste challenges.

The technology utilises an innovative approach to waste recovery and upcycling and is protected under a patent pending.

  • Strong business model: 3 pillars of sustainability – People, Planet, Profit

  • Research collaborations with 3 universities to enhance value

  • 3 pending grant applications with the NSW and Federal Governments

    On a research grant for hydrogen recovery as well as commercialisation of the ARC process for recovering waste plastic

Our Story

Arc Ento Tech was incorporated in Australia in Feb 2020 after conducting proof of concept trials overseas. Its focus is on the use of insects to recover nutrients from organic waste and combining with a novel approach to recovering and converting all plastic waste into viable commercial products.

The company has established both markets and clients for the sale and supply of waste, as well as waste derived products and is ready to commercialise the first set of plants.

This is leading edge technology that will change the landscape of waste processing around the world. Following on from the demonstration and initial start-up plants there are already discussions to construct and operate at least seven full scale plants as early as 2024 with overseas expansion following shortly after.


Key Partners

R&D  – Macquarie University, Western Sydney University, University of New South Wales

Processing Service Clients

Sanitarium, Sara Lee, Masterfoods, Agrana Fruit, Real Petfood, Topsoil Organics, ANL, Hawkesbury City Council, Central Coast City Council, Newcastle City Council, Bankstown City Council, Wingecaribee Shire Council, Hornsby City Council, Penrith City Council, Shoalhaven City Council

Previous Funding

Seed Capital Raise


R&D Tax Refund


Series A Capital Raise

A$375,000 secured funds

Funding partner

A$10M 12 month schedule

Products & Services



An environmentally sustainable substitute for fishmeal used in animal feed preparation. Made from BSF larvae. Rich in protein, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals



A by-product of the production of Black Soldier Fly larvae through the ARC Process™ is a high micronutrient ammonia rich fertiliser. It is produced from the accelerated digestion and de-composition of the organic components of MSW.



SYNCOAL™ is a unique, innovative, environmentally sustainable, and commercially viable alternative to applications requiring high-grade coal and metallurgical coke in steel manufacturing and metals smelting. It can also be readily used in the chemical industry where a high-purity reducing agent is required.


Veta Farms, Real Petfood, Buggy Bix, Evergreen Garden Centre (formerly Scott’s Fertiliser), Seasol, Sunny Queen Eggs, MCCI, Biosupplies


  • Management
  • Directors
  • Ramon Atayde

    Managing Director

  • Ricky Atayde

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Ramon Atayde

    CEO and Managing Director

  • Ricky Atayde

    Executive Director

  • Miguel Palomares

    Non-Executive Director

  • Ignacio Gimenez

    Non-Executive Director

  • Annabelle Atayde

    Non-Executive Director


  • May 2023

    From down under to outer space
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