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Ausmincon Holdings Limited

Helping miners find smarter ways to mine and unearth hidden business value








Investment Highlights

Clients include the world’s leading mining and exploration companies, corporate advisors, financial institutions, and insurance companies

35+ years of experience, 10,000+ projects, 110+ countries & 1,800+ clients

Internationally recognised brand that stands for quality and independence

Company Overview

AMC Consultants help mining leaders

Evaluate opportunities, solve hidden productivity challenges, and improve performance across the mining cycle.

Driven by data

Every report underpinned by AMC’s Smart Data™ System — the most comprehensive validated data

Frontline experience

Only employ career miners with exceptional experience and the highest integrity

Information about AMC’s operations is on the AMC website –

Ausmincon Holdings Pty Ltd was established in 1987 (incorporating a business that was established in 1983) and is 100% owned by employees and some ex-employees of the AMC group of companies (the Group). In 2012, it converted to an unlisted public company and its name became Ausmincon Holdings Limited (AHL or the Company).

AHL is the holding company that in turn owns 100% of the operating companies of the Group.

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Company Shareholder Structure
The AHL shareholders elect a Board of Directors for AHL, which is currently five senior employees of companies within the Group, and a non-executive director. The Board is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the Company and the Group and appointing the directors of the subsidiary companies.

Operational responsibility for all the operating companies in the Group has been delegated to AMC Consultants Pty Ltd (AMC). AMC’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the day-to-day management of the business and achieving the objectives set by the AMC Board.

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