Biocure Technology (CSE:CURE, OTCQB:BICTF)

Front runner in CAR-T cell therapy for cancer patients

Front runner in CAR-T cell therapy for cancer patients



Technology, Medical





Investment Highlights

  • Leading biotech company developing its CAR-T cell therapy

  • Joint venture partners in Asia and Europe

  • Biocure Pharma has also entered into a JV in Germany to progress its CAR-T cell therapy

Company Overview

Leading biotech focused on cancer treatments

Biocure Pharma is a leading biotech company developing its CAR-T cell therapy for leukemia, lung, breast and pancreatic cancer.

Headquartered in Korea, Biocure Pharma has joint venture partners in Asia and Europe with planned clinical trials commencing in 2021. Biocure is listed on both the Canadian Stock Exchange and OTC Markets.

Cancer breakthrough technology

CAR-T cell therapy is regarded as a cancer breakthrough. UPenn completed a study of 30 children and adults receiving a single injection of CAR-T cell therapy and 90% went into complete remission.

This led to the U.S. FDA approving Kymriah®, a CAR-T cell therapy offered to leukemia patients for US$475,000 per dose.

Commencing clinical trials in 2022

Biocure Pharma is planning its Phase I & II clinical trials for its CAR-T cell therapy, BCP401 (leukemia), with the aim of launching to market in Korea by the end of 2022.

Korea represents a US$2 billion p.a market for leukemia with substantial upside potential in Asia and Europe.


Positive results in global trials

An investigator clinical trial was conducted at Beijing University Hospital in China using a CAR-T cell therapy provided by Pharos Vaccine, a research and development company of Biocure Pharma. The CAR-T program had a good response with a single dose.

The overall response rate was 55 of 56 subjects (98.21%) and complete remission in 53 of 56 (94.64%), superior to current FDA- approved CAR-T therapies. All patients were alive for 3 months. Complete Remission after BCP401

Company in late July 2021 successfully completed a C$1.1M equity raise and is on track to achieve multiple key goals in 2021.


Additional Information

  • Company Presentations


  • Management
  • Sang Mok Lee

    CEO & President, Director

  • Konstantin Lichtenwald

    CFO, Director

  • Collin (Sang Goo) Kim


  • Berkan Unal


  • Danny Joh



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