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Business Highlights

Blooms The Chemist Group licenses and provides services to independently owned Blooms The Chemist network pharmacies (Blooms).

Background: The pharmacy industry plays an essential role in the delivery of primary healthcare in Australia. Generating approximately A$19.9B in revenue, the industry consists of around 5,800 pharmacies across the nation. Growth in pharmacy numbers is expected to reach 6,099 by the financial years 2024/25, with a revenue of A$21.8B. The pharmacy industry is a mature industry with low revenue unpredictability.

Blooms The Chemist is an Australian network of community pharmacies with over 100 stores operating across five states. 

Blooms The Chemist’s senior management team, led by CEO and Managing Director Phillip Smith, has consistently delivered excellent financial results and dividend returns. The Company has achieved net profits of $15.1M (FY20), $11.8M (FY19) and $14.0M (FY18) in the last three financial years

Blooms The Chemist Pharmacies: 

  • Operate in the Australian pharmacy industry under its registered trademarks including its “Blooms The Chemist”. 
  • Use its business model and marketing systems. 
  • Engage the Company to provide operational support services to their business including: 
    • on site operations and business development consulting.
    • information technology and communications consulting and support. 
    • human resources, payroll, finance and administration support. 
    • marketing and promotional support. 
    • merchandising support such as determining range and demand for core merchandise, negotiating terms of trade, managing purchases and preparing planograms for stock presentation. 
    • acquisition support in identifying pharmacies suitable for operation as a Blooms The Chemist Pharmacy and assisting in structuring ownership of such pharmacies.
  • Engage the Company to negotiate favourable terms and administer benefits and rebates under wholesale and direct supply contracts on their behalf.

Secondary sales by existing shareholders are offered on the PrimaryMarkets Trading Platform.


Unique business model


Member Benefits


John Thorne


Phil Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Green


Gary Kent


Patrick Matthews


David Ratcliffe


Sally Whiting


Andrew Crawford

Company Secretary

Dianne Hamilton

Company Secretary

Pamela Bishop

Chief Marketing Officer

Eric Chan

Head of Pharmacy and Ethical Buyer

Andrew Crawford

Chief Financial Officer

Dianne Hamilton

General Counsel

George Meiliunas

Head of Organisational Development and Human Resources

Martin Olds

Chief Information Officer

Emmanuel Vavoulas

Head of Retail

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