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Investment Highlights

Retail Marketing Technology

Over 1B Customer and Product Data Processed Daily

Real-Time Unification of Shopper and Product Data

Solution to Match Shoppers with Products

Company Overview

Bluecore is a retail marketing technology that reimagines how retailers communicate with their customers through email marketing and website personalization.

Bluecore is a marketing technology company that works with the fastest-growing retail brands to intelligently connect casual shoppers to the product and offers that transform them into lifetime customers.

Bluecore uses predictive intelligence to automatically connect shoppers to products, content, and offers, wherever they are.

The Multi-Channel Personalization Platform For Retailers Dominating the Shift to Digital. Deliver personalized experiences at the speed and scale of digital to drive repeat purchases and increase customer lifetime value.

Bluecore’s AI-driven personalization, made possible by its patented predictive shopper and product data matching, allows retailers to personalize 100% of communications with 1:1 content, offers and recommendations delivered to shoppers across email, site, paid media, social and SMS.

Real-Time Unification of Shopper and Product Data – Capture and unify a 360-degree view of shopper and product signals in real-time without IT, product feeds or time-consuming integrations.


Total Funding (June 2021) – US$131.2M

Last funding round (May 2020) – US$50M (Series D)

Enterprise Value US$828M

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Trading in these securities entails compliance with USA regimes such as FINRA and SEC as well as possible ROFR (Right Of First Refusal) imposed by many Unicorns.

All Traders must be Sophisticated, Professional, Institutional, Accredited Investors.

Minimum trade size US$250,000


  • Management

  • Directors

Amber Tunnell

Director of Product

Michael Hamrah

Vice President Of Engineering

Pratik Bhadra

SVP of Product

Arjun Maheshwari

Director of Product Management

Gavin Hewitt

Vice President of Sales

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