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Investment Highlights

Energy opportunities close to high density energy markets with significant energy infrastructure
A diversified company holding investments in energy resources
Primary asset and focus is a significant interest (36%) in unlisted oil and gas exploration company Advent Energy Ltd

Company Overview

Passive interest in Advent Energy

Strong portfolio of exploration assets and new investments in hydrogen production technology

Advent is quickly diversifying its energy assets

Exploration licences for offshore opportunitie close to large energy markets and energy infrastructure

Petroleum Exploration Permit 11 (PEP 11)

Advent’s cornerstone project, Petroleum Exploration Permit 11 (PEP 11), is a highly prospective permit to drill a well at the Balleen prospect off the coast of NSW.

Advent has produced an extensive accumulation of data demonstrating an active hydrocarbon system with elements seen in other producing world-class structures, across 4,562 km2 on the doorstep of Australia’s largest energy market.

A recent estimate of the permit areas has highlighted the opportunity it could contain 13.2 trillion cubic feet of prospective recoverable gas resources (at the P50 or ‘best estimate’ level).

Offshore Tarankai Basin Exploration Permits

BPH, through it’s significant stake in Advent Energy, is please to announce its subsidary, Aotearoa Offshore Ltd NZ (AOLNZ), has the right to acquire a 30% participating interest in 3 Petroleum Exploration Permits (PEP) covering an area of 5,180km2 in the Taranaki Basin from OMV New Zealand (OMV NZ).

The Farm Out Agreements (FOA) that cover the Joint Venture Operating Agreements (JVOA’s) across all three permits are seen as a significant and important step for Advent Energy in diversifying its projects beyond its current oil and gas portfolio.

On completion of exploration drilling in 2019/20, the joint venture has been focus on assessing the results of the Toutouwai-1 discovery where there are positive signs of hydrocarbons present within the cretaceous and Palaeocene intervals, as well as potential in the shallower Miocene and Pliocene intervals.

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Hydrogen Investment

BPH are making an investment in Clean Hydrogen Technologies Corporation (Clean Carbon) which has processed and produced hydrogen, with no C02 emissions, at a proof-of-concept scale.

As obligations to provide energy solutions with responsible protection against carbon emissions increase, the company has continued to seek promising investment opportunities in new technologies and leaders in the growing hydrogen industry.

Clean Carbon uses methane as its current feedstock, with plans to move to natural gas. It does not burn methane, instead processing it through a patented catalyst and a bespoke designed fluidised bed reactor, through a process called pyrolysis, which has been used in the oil industry for many years.

Clean Carbon’s ability to reach a consistent 92% cracking efficiency, cracking the methane into turquoise hydrogen with non-CO2 emissions.


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