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Investment Highlights

No. 1 best seller on Amazon USA

Featured on Hot Ones USA

Stocked in Woolworths

Now in 7 U.S and Canadian supermarket chains with Distributor servicing 80k outlets in USA

Company Overview

Business Objectives

Increase marketing efforts and grow distribution in major supermarkets and liquor stores in Australia
Aggressively expand our overseas supermarket rangings in the USA and Canada
Bolster working capital position so inventory can be increased to meet customer demand
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In 2012 Renae Bunster squeezed in 13 different fruit and veggies in to one bottle of hot sauce and irrevocably changed the global condiment landscape forever. No other companies were doing 'flavourful heat' and Bunsters stood out. By late 2015 Americans were screaming for this Aussie nectar of the gods. By 2017 Bunsters hot sauce was the #1 best selling hot sauce on Amazon USA, proving we are really on to something. Fast forward to 2023 and still hardly any major hot sauce brands are doing 'flavourful heat' in the USA, creating a big gap in the market for Bunsters.

Bunsters Worldwide Pty Ltd is an FMCG brand that manufactures Aussie Hot Sauces and ready-to-drink cocktails for sale in domestic and international markets.

Bunsters began as an online brand, and now Bunsters sauces are ranged in over 800 supermarkets across Australia, including Woolworths. We have begun getting stocked in US and Canadian supermarkets and will continue to agressively pursue this market in 2024 and beyond. Until now they have serviced International markets via Amazon in the USA, UK, Canada & Hong Kong. October 2023 was a milestone month for the company, with their first shipment of hot sauce being delivered to Woolworths and Coles Liquor beginning a trial of ready-to-drink cocktails in their First Choice stores.

Previous Funding

November 2023

A$6.00 per share - Raised A$649,800

March 2022

A$5.00 per share - Raised A$1,086,932

September 2020

A$2.00 per share - Raised A$2M

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