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World leading integrated medicinal cannabis company

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World leading integrated medicinal cannabis company








Investment Highlights

  • World leading agri-pharma team for cultivation and medicines manufacture

  • Aiming to be Western Australia’s first medicinal cannabis tolling service

  • 15 domestic and international distribution channels

Company Overview

  • New vertically integrated medicinal cannabis company

    Leveraging renewable energy resources in Australia

  • Manufacturing pharmaceutical-grade medicinal products

    Under the European Union Good Manufacturing Practices (*EU GMP) framework

World-leading agri-pharma team with a focus on R&D

Cannaponicsis focused on cultivating medicinal cannabis under the World Health Organisation (WHO) quality framework for Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP).

It is near completion of a 3,600sqm Greenhouse (pictured below) and will complete the 2,000sqm EU GM Manufacturing facility by Q2 2023, on its 165-acre freehold property in Collie WA, which will produce dried cannabis flower to be further processed into Cannaponics medicinal products.

The whole project aims to use 100% renewable resources with Cannaponics subsidiary company CannaEnergy, building a 25,000 sqm solar electrical power hydrogen micro-grid with advanced water harvesting technology.


Integrated international distribution

Fully integrated ESG for medicinal cannabis toll production and distribution to 15 domestic and international distribution channels.

The team is focused on innovative R&D from cultivation to exclusive licenses with New Age Nanotech Nano-emulsion and GATC DNA testing for personalised medicines.

The company is awaiting a pending outcome for $5m for advanced manufacturing via a Federal Government Grant.


  • Australian owned and operated

  • Eco-friendly medicinal cannabis

  • Fully licensed Office of Drug Control

  • Funded by WA State Gov $2M

  • Low cost power medicinal cannabis

  • EU GMP quality standards

  • Exclusive Licences with global partners

  • Industrial scale production

Products & Services


A renewable resource, licensed producer for medicinal cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and research.

The facility will be EU GMP compliant on our 165-acre freehold property in Collie, Western Australia.


A subsidiary company of Cannaponics, Hemponics is a food supplement and nutraceutical brand focused on providing high quality hemp-based products for the wellness and health food market.

The company Hemponics will be our catalyst for over-the-counter CBD products.


Another subsidiary wholly owned by Cannaponics, CannaEnergy will use 100% renewable resources to power the Cannaponics facility.

Leveraging advanced technology via a 25,000sqm solar power and hydrogen electrical power micro-grid coupled with water harvesting technology.


  • Management
  • Directors
  • Eric J. Mathur

    Chief Scientist

  • Willie Ooi

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Warrick Hazeldine


  • Kenneth Langford

    Director of Cultivation

  • Rod Zakostelsky

    Founder & Managing Director

  • Jay Stephenson

    Director & Company Secretary

  • Leigh Dyson



  • May 2022

    Cannaponics Sign MOU with Avacare Health Australia
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  • July 2021

    Ewave Signs Licence with Cannaponics
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