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Investment Highlights

International operations in prime cultivation zones

Capacity to generate over 1 tonne of flower per month for medical solutions delivering better physical and mental health outcomes to patients

GACP and GMP certified to cultivate and distribute medicinal cannabis products globally

Company Overview

Based in Sydney, Australia, Cannim was established in 2017 to bring the benefits of medicinal cannabis to the world.

Built on 3 core pillars of Safety, Science, and Scale, Cannim established an organisation to show people Cannabis was a real medicine They consistently develop it to pharmaceutical standards and have built networks to reach a wide audience of people to bring relief for common ailments.

Global cultivation in ideal climates

Cannim cultivates in Jamaica and Australia and established a network of EU GMP manufacturers as well as forming alliances in education and healthcare.

This nascent industry is only at the beginning of its journey to establish Cannabis as a reputable medicine globally. Cannim continues to create scale in its operations, giving them the ability to meet the needs of the growing body of medicinal cannabis users.

Cannim is a leader in the medicinal cannabis market and its activities include:

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Pioneering the development of the medicinal cannabis category

Creating new ways to administer to patients

Research and education on effects of cannabis on many common condition

Pioneering its usefulness for others

Ensuring those in need get what they need at a fair price



Growing GACP compliant flower and holding all necessary operating licences. Cannim is a certified GMP producer and exported the first legal commercial shipment of cannabis from Jamaica to the Australian and European markets. Capacity to generate over 1 tonne of flower per month providing employment opportunities in the local area.



Cultivated in Queensland with ample water access for high-quality cannabis year-round. Licences granted by the Australian Office of Drug Control include a Medicinal Cannabis (cultivation) licence, Manufacturing Licence, Cannabis Research licence, import and export licences. Cannim circulates products in the Australian market using a NSW Wholesale licence (by Indent).



Products grown in technologically advanced facility for consistent output of high-quality, medical-grade cannabis year-round. Covering 13 acres with 13 more under construction for a total of 5-6 crop cycles a year. A large weekly harvest ensures customer demands are always met. This fully licensed facility raises the bar on quality and sustainability to reduce our environmental impact.



Processing license in Jamaica which is GMP certified by the Jamaican Ministry of Health and Wellness. Cannim also uses a network of specialist EU GMP-certified manufacturers to turn cannabis flower and extract into finished products for patient use. Cannim works with manufacturers in Germany, Portugal and Australia.

Products & Services

All Cannim products are grown to GACP standards and processed as EU GMP
Cannim Terpene Rich Buds

Terpene Rich Buds

Range of high THC, High CBD and balanced strains via different brands speaking to different patient needs.

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30ml bottles of full-spectrum medical cannabis oils submerged in a unique MCT carrier oil for better bioavailability.

Cannim CBD Hemp

CBD & Hemp

Created a range of cosmeceuticals and refreshing health drinks using CBD and Hemp seed oil as.

Cannim Vape


Medically approved vape pen available as High THC, High CBD or balanced using Cannims high-quality EU GMP distillate.

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