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Company Overview

Forefront of the cleantech revolution

Carbonxt is at the forefront of the cleantech revolution aimed at removing harmful air pollutants and toxins in industrial processes.

Their specialised recycled and renewable activated carbon (AC) products are focused on capturing harmful mercury, volatile organic and sulphur compounds that are emitted during industrial processes, reducing their impact on the environment.

Significant global market opportunity

Through the development of their proprietary Activated Carbon technology, Carbonxt now deploys their technology across a wide range of high-demand industrial verticals including air purification, wastewater treatment, coal-fired power stations, cement plants, waste to energy and other liquid and gas phase markets.

As the only US manufacturer of industrial AC pellets, Carbonxt has a significant market opportunity and access to multiple sources of raw materials available at each location.

Currently, the company has three US manufacturing plants with the capacity to produce ~20,000 tonnes per year and is in the process of finalising a new AC pellet facility in Kentucky which is anticipated to finish in early 2023.

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Exceptional R&D capabilities

The Company’s unrivaled R&D initiatives have seen the continual evolution of its product suite.

Most recently, Carbonxt has commenced the development of a new renewable source biochar pellet. Developing as a major new market, Carbonxt is uniquely positioned to enter the market due to its extensive R&D capabilities, world-renowned carbon experts, expertise in pellet manufacturing, and its access to sources of renewable material.

US partnerships

Carbonxt has also partnered with United States water filtration manufacturer Glanris, Inc to develop a pelletized version of Glanris’ Biocarbon™, a water filtration media derived from rice husks.

The aim of the partnership is to expand Glanris’ existing water filtration products and create a pelletized version that can then be deployed to purify other pollutants in a variety of high-flow applications in both liquid and vapour phase applications.

The Company’s activities in the water and wastewater sectors in Florida have also received significant attention, with the Company’s HydRestor™ product selected as an innovative technology for an extensive research program funded through the state of Florida and other local municipalities.

With continual support being received from existing and new customers, continual R&D initiatives, and a highly experience world-class team, Carbonxt is becoming a recognised, profitable, and high growth player in US industry delivering real solutions for decarbonization.

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