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Investment Highlights

Alta sits at the intersection of the world’s fastest growing sport, MMA, and the high growth mass affluent fitness market.

Delivering life-changing, accessible combat sports training to everyday people both In-Gym and At- Home.

Partnering with existing combat sport gym owners to solve a sector wide issue of attracting new and a broader cohort of participants to the sport at grass roots levels

Company Overview


Alta partners with combat sport gyms to deliver proprietary In- Gym training programs, providing them with significant additional revenues, accelerated and diversified member base growth


Alta offers online fitness and combat sports training programs through rich freemium programs and subscriptions, exclusive online content is delivered by the most respected identities in combat sports

Establish a global sports brand trusted to transform people’s lives

The model is highly scalable & we have proven to attract gyms and participants in 10 global markets:

131 gyms across 10 countries licenced to operate the core 20 week program

Over 10,000 participants globally have completed the programs since inception

The worlds elite MMA gymsalready operate the programs

High profile brand ambassadors, gym partners and coaches have a combined social media outreach of >10 million

Anecdotal evidence proves that Alta attract new participants to the sport and enhance gym partners membership base:

~35% of participants are women

the average age of cohort is mid to late 30’s

oldest participants are in their mid-60s

~50% of participants join as members to the gym post completing their Altaprogram

~30% of participants enquire to complete the program again at least a second time

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