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Investment Highlights

Low-cost active cultivation and production
Worlds lowest capital and operating cost jurisdiction
Average cost of production across operations ~$0.10/gram dry flower

Company Overview

ona Blanca grows high-quality cannabis under GACP standards and offers pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products and derivatives, leveraging the most capital-efficient jurisdiction, with our expertise in cultivation and extraction.

Dona Blanca’s Colombian operations have been specifically selected for cannabis cultivation in the most capital efficient microclimate in the world.

Conditions include year-round natural sunlight minimising the need for artificial light in the world’s lowest capital and operating cost jurisdiction with established regional infrastructure.

Newly established regulatory framework permitting the export of dry flower and cannabis extracts internationally.

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Currently Cultivating

Fully Licenced


The EU-GMP extraction operation comprises 1,500sqm, offering a full turnkey extraction solution, utilising industry leading,

Cryo-Ethanol Extraction capable of producing up to 150L of full spectrum oil per week2.

The facility’s quality control laboratory contains specialised equipment capable of performing real time testing, essential for pharmaceutical grade certification.


Dona Blanca has a strong commitment to safety, quality, and regulatory compliance in order to become a leading exporter of cannabis products and derivatives.

2.1 hectares of cultivation in Bogota are producing under GACP certification
Facilities under construction in Santa Rosa de Cabal will also hold GACP certification
Santa Rosa extraction facility designed in consultation with EU-GMP accreditation specialists to ensure certification

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Shlomo Booklin

Master Grower

Diana Gomez Casas

Chief Financial Officer

Juan Pablo

Analytical Chemist

Fiona Golinelli

Marketing Manager

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