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Investment Highlights

Joint engagement letter with BPC and Ince Group for a plan to list on the London Stock Exchange

Verde Mobility has committed up to US$57M in funding

Book of US$300M purchase intent agreements, covering 800 vehicles

H2X Global was selected by Renova AB to supply a fleet of hydrogen fuel-powered commercial trucks. This contract, valued is at up to US$22.9M

First batch of Warrego’s soon to be handed over for accreditation for use in Europe and the UK

Work continues towards an IPO on a global exchange

Company Overview

H2X Global is an Australian automotive company that specialises in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) and Fuel Cell Electric Generators. We focus on “back to base” logistic vehicle fleets such as Buses, Trucks, Delivery Vans, and Taxis. H2X Global leverages Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology to deliver zero-emission vehicles with faster refueling and longer driving range than BEVs.

With over 30 years of experience across all sectors of the automotive industry, Brendan Norman and Chris Reitz have worked together over the last decade on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Following their success in delivering hydrogen vehicles across different regions, it became clear that there was a need to focus on the professional driver. In 2019, H2X was born to deliver on this vision.

Products & Services

The Darling Van

Designed with the latest hydrogen fuel cell technology, the Darling Van is built to ensure the best user experience. Thanks to its zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cell technology, drivers can enjoy the same operational performance as combustion vehicles, without having to worry about pollution restrictions or fees.

The Darling Taxi

The Darling Taxi is built to meet the needs of professional taxi drivers. Zero emissions driving experience with the same operational performance as a combustion vehicle.

The Warrego

The Warrego is for driving to the extreme. The Warrego harnesses Hydrogen power, shattering the myth that ‘green’ can’t compete with diesel.

Drive longer distances while maintaining clean air quality with hydrogen fuel cell technology. Fewer moving parts than a combustion vehicle, get all the expected off-road power minus the noise.

Power Generators

Clean off-grid power – The H2X generators are the zero emissions replacement for traditional diesel generators. This clean power solution is ideal for multiple off-grid power applications such as construction sites, outdoor events, and underground mining.


Seamless integration with tailor-made solutions


If you need a tailored solution for your specific business needs, our team is ready to provide a full evaluation and analysis.


H2X is ready to assist through our regional network of partners to facilitate in all aspects of the hydrogen value chain.


Receive tailored proposals based on your needs and specifications. We are ready to support any tender procedures for vehicles or infrastructure.


In line with previously agreed requirements, H2X will work with the relevant partners in providing you the complete vehicle and infrastructure solution.


Whether it’s company process integration or team training, H2X will be supporting you all the way – not to mention the ongoing servicing and maintenance for continued assistance.


H2X focuses on delivering a total aftersales service solution to help clients transition into a clean hydrogen future.

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