Happy Co

Happy Co
Secondary Sale of Series A Preferred Shares

Mobile Property Management Investment Opportunity 

Business Highlights

The Company builds mobile and cloud-based applications for smarter business operations. 

Happy Co has reimagined property management. They focus on people-centric innovation that elevates the role of property management and creates the environment needed for operators to build a community of happy residents.

The company delivered over 50% year on year revenue growth in 2019 and is cash-flow positive.

The Happy platform enables property managers, owners, and lenders to take better care of millions of apartments.

Their tools capture all the photos, details, and rich data our customers need to manage and maintain their properties better:

    • 2.3M property apartments on the platform
    • 6,400 daily inspections
    • 223M photos of properties taken.

Technology Enabled

Online Property Platform

Property Management Tools

Global Opportunities


  • The company was recently valued at US$100M.
  • A parcel of Series A Preferred Shares are being offered at a 20% discount to that valuation POA.


    Jindou Lee

    Founder & CEO

    Andrew Mackenzie-Ross



    Jennier Tyson

    Senior Vice President


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