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Investment Highlights

Leaders in developing commercial scale green hydrogen production on a global scale

Enabling a sustainable green hydrogen future with no carbon debt

Company Overview

Genuine commercial scale

Two commercial-scale green hydrogen projects from sites secured by IGE that are both ideally located for solar and wind generation

Approvals well advanced

Environmental, Planning Approval (EPA) referral delivered 28 April 2022 for Arrowsmith (not required for Northam (MEG HP1)

Infinite Green Energy (IGE) is committed and aligned to transitioning WA as an emerging net zero emissions economy.

Renewable hydrogen is an emerging resource that will play an important role in tomorrow’s energy mix. IGE’s strategy is to builds on the State’s renewables potential, technical expertise and global reputation to further position IGE and Western Australia as a key player in future energies domestically and globally.

IGE are focused on being at the forefront of a sustainable green hydrogen future. To realise this, the company is to be an early pioneer of green hydrogen developments that:

Target alliances with select and proven technology partners

Bring to market commercial scale projects in Australia and, over time, globally

Produce renewable hydrogen, safely and economically using water, solar and wind energy with no carbon debt

Play an important role in supporting the Australian and global economies’ transition towards a net zero future

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Products & Services

IGE Projects

MEG HP1 Early Production System

The MEG HP1 Early Production System is a small scale project designed to produce IGE’s first hydrogen for the domestic transport market. The project, located in Northam, has been envisioned to kick start the development of an end-user market for hydrogen through a fast tracked hydrogen production schedule. The project will be powered by renewable energy sources and will have up to 10MW of electrolyser capacity with a nameplate production capacity of 4.4 tonnes of hydrogen per day. IGE expect first gas to be produced by 2024.

Arrowsmith Hydrogen Plant stage I & II

IGE foundation project is the Arrowsmith Hydrogen Plant, producing up to 23 tonnes (23,000kg) per day of green hydrogen. The plant, located in Western Australia, north of Perth, will be domiciled in an area with exemplary renewable energy resources. Green hydrogen will be produced utilising a combination of renewable energy from solar (65MW) and wind (132MW), displacing 118,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. The project is expected to come online in 2025 and will serve the domestic Western Australian energy and transport markets. And Arrowsmith stage II  is an expansion that includes the production of up to 42 tonnes (42,000kg) per day.

Arrowsmith Hydrogen Plant stage III & IV

Located in the same tenement as stage I & II, the Arrowsmith Hydrogen Plant stage III & IV builds upon the foundation set by stage I. Stage III will increase electricity generation and hydrogen production capacity by three-fold, increasing hydrogen production to 125 tonnes (125,000kg) per day and stage IV will have another 125 tonnes (125,000kg) per day of hydrogen production. The large-scale increase in hydrogen production will further support Australia’s transition away from fossil fuels, in addition to directly supporting the Project Mazu liquid hydrogen export vessel.

Arrowsmith & MEG HP1 Refuelling Station

Arrowsmith stage-I is primarily focused on domestic heavy vehicles in WA targeting the 70 & 120ton road trains travelling between Perth and Port Headland. Infinite Green Energy and our strategic partners have mapped out eleven key fuel stations including new development sites. It’s envisaged the initial fuel station will be in Perth Metropolitan area in the late 2023 with subsequent Hydrogen stations being rolled out in early 2024.

Valle Peligna Green Hydrogen Project

Infinite Green Energy Italia has been developing its Green Hydrogen project for over 14months in central Italy.  The Valle Peligna project will be one of the first Green Hydrogen projects at scale and the largest in South Europe. Initial production of 10 tonnes (10,000kg) per day of green hydrogen.

The plant is located in central Italy between East/West coasts, will meet green H2 offtakers needs in “Hard to Abate” Industry, Heavy Vehicles (Trucks) and Public Mobility (trains and buses). Green hydrogen will be produced utilising a combination of renewable energy from solar (40MW) and wind (65MW), displacing 60,524 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Valle Peligna is expected to come online second half of 2025 and will serve the industrial Valle Peligna energy and heavy transportation markets.

Infinite Green Energy & Port Anthony Renewable Joint Venture

This project links our foundation work at Arrowsmith (WA) and fuses the national heavy freight networks and developments in Western Australia with the transport network in Victoria.

The purposely designed facility will be located at Port Welshpool, less than 200km east of the Victorian capital of Melbourne. It’s envisaged liquefaction and storage will be at the port for ease of export in Domestic Victoria and to IGE Asia Pacific markets under development. The existing port de-risks our LH2 production to Asia Pacific with our second port.

Victoria has all the right elements for establishing a renewable hydrogen economy – solar, wind, hydroelectricity, education, deep water port, initial hydrogen technology cluster, freight route and gas and electricity networks.

And Port Welshpool is the ideal location.

Steeped in heavy industry, the Port Welshpool site and the immediate area has historically provided direct employment for many hundreds of people, and the result is a region boasting extensive wealth of knowledge, people with expertise and the fortitude to provide benefits to the state of Victoria and Australia as a whole – as they have proven to do so in the past.

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