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Advanced Recycling

Invest in the global leader of hydrothermal liquefaction, the next generation of advanced recycling.

Business Highlights

Licella Holdings Ltd (Licella) is the global leader in hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL), the next- generation of advanced recycling.

The patented Cat-HTR™ technology platform reduces, recycles and recaptures carbon from a wide variety of recovered resources, both plastic and biomass feedstocks, across multiple markets.

Technology creates a sustainable oil from a wide variety of recovered resources, both plastic, and biomass – thereby reducing the demand for fossil oil by recycling and recapturing carbon.

Proprietary technology offers substantial energy savings, efficiency and product quality compared to gasification and pyrolysis.

Numerous commercial arrangements and joint venture partners, including Canfor Forestry Products, Shell Catalysts and Technologies, Dow Chemicals, Mitsubishi, and KBR


Licella’s “biocrude” can be refined to produce sustainable fuels and decarbonize transportation – Providing a bridge to a lower-carbon future.

Fully-funded joint ventures, Arbios Biotech and Mura Technology.


The Company has multiple engines of revenue and cash flow growth, primarily from three major business units.

A joint venture between Licella and Canfor Inc, supported by a global alliance with Shell Catalyst & Technologies, to develop a truly integrated biorefinery.

A joint venture between Licella and Armstrong Capital for commercial-roll out that is underpinned by investment from Dow and KBR, and a commercial license by Mitsubishi Chemicals to build a plant in Japan.

Licella’s 100%-controlled business with a focus on recycling waste plastics, tires, and construction debris in the Australasia region. Supported by project partners Nestle, LyondellBasell, Amcor, iQ Renew and Coles, which are jointly funding a feasibility study on the first commercial plant.

Licella has developed a patented technology, the Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor (Cat-HTR™), employing hydrothermal liquefaction to break down a broad array of organic material, including widely available agricultural residues, woody biomass, and various plastic waste products into liquid hydrocarbons in the form of a stable, non-corrosive, liquid ”biocrude” (renewable oil) or “Plasticrude”.

Biocrude is an analog of conventional fossil crude oil, that can serve as an intermediate bioenergy carrier, which can be either refined into low-carbon
transportation fuels in a conventional refinery or utilized as a feedstock to make recycled plastics.

The Cat-HTR™ Process
Recapturing Carbon from Recovered Resources

  • High-value, low emissions alternative to burning or burying, biomass or plastic.
  • Biomass is a renewable feedstock – trees and crops can be replanted to offset those that are removed.
  • Working with nature’s carbon cycle means extracting less fossil resources.


Creating Sustainable Oil from Waste

Recapturing Carbon from Recovered Resources

Strategic Partnerships 

Global Contruction Underway



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Dr Len Humphreys

CEO & Co-Founder

Prof Thomas Maschmeyer

Technical Advisor & Co-Founder

Siomon Mathewson


Sandeep Dalvi

Technical Project Director

Dr Bill Rowlands

Chief Scientist

Steve Rogers

Head of Commerciallisation

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