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Investment Highlights

Litigation Lending has been operating for 24 years

Innovative in the provision of disputes financing and asset management

Litigation Lending has financed landmark class actions focussed on First Nations justice

Company Overview

The diverse legal minds in the Litigation Lending team are all specialists in their field

Their experience and successful track record means they are one of the most trusted litigation funders throughout Australia and New Zealand

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Established over two decades ago in 1999, Litigation Lending is a leading pioneer in the litigation funding industry. As one of the earliest litigation funders, they have built up a wealth of experience and developed a diverse network of lawyers, insolvency professionals and industry experts.

Litigation Lending enables individuals and businesses to pursue their legal claims without the burden of upfront costs and financial risks. Litigation Lending promises to empower individuals and create a more equitable legal system where justice is not restricted by financial limitations.

The Litigation Lending team works efficiently to provide feedback on legal claims. Once assessed, and if approved for funding, Litigation Lending agrees to pay the costs of prosecuting the claim and can accept the risks of paying the other party’s costs if the case is unsuccessful. In return, Litigation Lending receives a predetermined share of the proceeds of a successful claim.

Types of claims supported

Class Actions

Class actions brought on behalf of a group with similar claims and include claims for breaches of company and securities law, workplace laws and Australian consumer law.


Commercial and corporate disputes including breaches of contract, Intellectual Property, company and securities law, and Director & Officer claims.


Insolvency related matters in which we fund the Insolvency Practitioner to bring recovery actions on behalf of the company including claims such as unfair preferences, insolvent trading, uncommercial transactions and unreasonable director related transactions.

ESG & Class Actions

Litigation Lending is dedicated to funding litigation with a focus on ESG matters reflected in the areas of First Nations justice, the environment, consumer and governance matters. A number of LLS’s recent matters reflect this focus, including a range of landmark class actions on behalf of First Nations peoples to correct injustices from the past in withholding wages going back nearly 100 years as well as finally bringing justice to members of the Stolen Generation in the Northern Territory.

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