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Investment Highlights

MediCann Clinics - offering both face-to-face and telehealth services. Over 7,500 patients have been seen to date with the ability to scale

Medicinal product range - 16 different medicines that we supply around Australia through the Maali, BOB and Ananda brands

Over the counter hemp foods, skincare, petcare and wellness product range under the brands Hemp Brothers and EndoScent which consist of 20+ products

Licenced hemp farm conducting trials and strain development

Company Overview

MediCann Health is an Australian medicinal cannabis company, established in 2019 with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people (and pets) using reliable and affordable cannabis products.

MediCann put the upmost importance on providing safe, reliable and premium quality medicines to patients. All products are rigorously tested and adhere to the strict Australian standards. A trusted and reliable supplier of plant based medicines and over the counter products in Australia.

MediCann have helped tens of thousands of people and intend to help many more by scaling our production and distribution capacity along with the development of new cannabis medicines and the launch of the first MediCann Dispensary.

Medicann made the Australian Financial Review Fast Starters List 2023, they have a proven track record with continued revenue growth, generating over $6M to date and more than doubling our annual revenue from FY22 to FY23 with a growth of 131%.

Products & Services

Non Prescription Brands

hemp brothers

Hemp Brothers are here to bring joy and comfort through a range of nutraceuticals, foods and other hemp based wellness products. We are all about health, happiness and good times.


Endoscent is a wellness range utilising terpenes to assist with everyday ailments. Providing relief for the whole family, Endoscent is a natural way to boost your natural self.

MediCann Clinics


MediCann Clinics provides a convenient telehealth service for patients around Australia and also offer in person appointments in Perth, Western Australia. 


Previous Funding

November 2023

$0.40 per share - Raised ~$1.5M

November 2022

$0.35 per share - Raised >$1M

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