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Investment Highlights

Efficiency in payment workflows - for a bespoke answer for your businesses

Won 2022 Fintech Organisation of the Year

Monoova’s growing client portfolio includes Jacaranda Finance & ASX-Listed firms Splitit, DiviPay & Supay

Company Overview

From a single API and simple integration

Monoova deliver automated, real-time debits and payments, assign unique account numbers and PayIDs to every one of your customers

First payment initiators to go live with PayTo

A new and easier way to pre-authorise debits

Simplified payments so your business can grow with confidence

Originally known as Moneytech Payments, part of the Moneytech Group, Monoova started with a simple mission – automate payment processes for businesses.

Monoova quickly realised that we were capable of so much more. In July 2022, they merged with Moneytech FX to form Monoova Global Payments to provide a platform for both domestic and cross-border payment processes.

Working with Australian fintech leaders

Monoova is working with a wide variety of clients from proptech, remittance, finance and Crypto to name a few. In September 2022 Moonova demerged from Moneytech Group and now has a team of 80+ dedicated Monoovians committed to providing the best possible payments experience for your business and clients.

Monoova’s clients include ASX-listed fintechs Splitit, DiviPay and Supay.

Over 650,000 API calls per week

Processed $63B+ in transactions to date

Winner Fintech Organisation of the Year 2022 Fintech Australia Finnies awards

SOC 2 Compliance and Security

At Monoova, maintaining the highest levels of security, availability and integrity for our platform is always paramount.

Achieving SOC 2 compliance, which has been independently audited, ensures they are not only meeting the foremost standards of security and compliance but continuing their commitment to providing clients with the best security standards available on the platform when processing payments.

The world’s best companies trust Monoova to power their payments

Products & Services

PayTo is here and it will revolutionise how you handle your payments.

Save time, money and improve cashflow with the real-time, secure, data rich features of PayTo.

Improve your cashflow with real-time transactions and funds verification.

Reduce errors and exception processing with real-time account validation.

Get notified when a payment agreement is paused, changed, or cancelled.

Simplify reconciliation with the additional data in PayTo agreements making matching easy.

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