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Investment Highlights

Developing TriGlytza™ – a novel first-in-class anti-inflammatory beta-cell centric oral combination formulation to be used as either a standalone or adjunct therapy to improve efficacy and optimise Additional Antidiabetic Diabetes Drugs (ADDs). 

Large unmet market 526 million Type 2 diabetics globally. 

Cash flow positive revenues from food for special medical purpose business.

Heading to the clinic for a Phase I trial.

Company Overview

Myopharm owns uniquely positioned TriGlytzaTM a proprietary technology that is US FDA approved with an IND which includes 68 metabolic diseases, indicated for Type 2 diabetics and treatment naïve patients as a standalone or adjunct therapy.

In addition, Myopharm holds a global portfolio of Food for Special Medical Purpose (FSMP) products for Type 2 Diabetes and weight loss products (35 unencumbered global patents). These products have 10 years of R&D backing from Adelaide University and the Baker IDI Institute. These solutions satisfy unmet medical market needs addressing approximately 800 million people worldwide. $8.1M spent on clinical research to date. Multiple out-licensing agreements executed in 2023. Omni-D is generating rapidly growing royalties and revenues, which help cover operating costs and support R&D activities.




  • Controls dangerous glucose spikes
  • Smooths out glucose peaks and excursions which are key for preventing dementia, cognitive decline and organ damage
    • Backed with over $8.1M of clinical research
    • Clinical trials conducted at Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute and Adelaide University – Clifton et al.
  • Omni-D

    Previous Funding

    May 2024

    $0.165 per share

    Raised $175,000

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