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Connecting Human & Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionise Emergency Care

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Investment Highlights

Ground-breaking technology enabling fast & accurate brain image analysis
StrokeViewer®: The world’s first stroke technology certified for diagnostic use
Milestone reached processing brain scans of over 25,000 unique suspected stroke patients
Strategic Partnership with technology leader Philips to deliver a combined product offering

Company Overview

Ground-Breaking Technology

Global Solution

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Connecting Human & Artificial Intelligence

Set to revolutionise Emergency Care

Focus on commercial roll-out in target markets

Key focus on Australia, US, and the Netherlands

NICO.LAB have launched StrokeViewer®, the world’s first stroke technology certified for diagnostic use.

StrokeViewer consists of a comprehensive set of tools to support the entire stroke workflow that saves critical time in stroke care, connects teams and identifies more anomalies for closer inspection.

Built by leading University medical researchers

NICO.LAB was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from the Amsterdam University Medical Centre in the Netherlands and has offices in Australia, Europe and the United States.

An international team of researchers, developers and physicians connects human & artificial intelligence to empower physicians in emergency care with end-to-end solutions.

Local availability of StrokeViewer functionality is subject to applicable CE marking, TGA and FDA approval

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Previous Funding

September 30, 2022 – Philips makes a strategic investment of A$6.45M at a price of A$1.00

June 30, 2021 – Nicolab raises A$13M in pre-IPO investment round.

Key Investors

Philips has invested A$6.45M in Nicolab as a strategic partner including a shared product roadmap for a new combined offering

Philips is market leader in Image Guided Therapy, offering Nicolab a unique position to capitalise on its strength in the market

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