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Investment Highlights

Prezzee offer a gift giving experience that is personalised, convenientand sustainable

Sold an estimated 20 million+ gift cards in FY22

800 Global merchants

New Tech Unicorn (valuation of +A$1B)

Company Overview

Wide Variety of Retailers

choose from over 100 top brands

Flexibility and Customization

use gift cards either in-store or online

Instant Delivery and Redemption

recipients can receive their gift cards within seconds

Sustainability and Convenience

contributes to reducing paper waste and carbon footprint

Prezzee is a leading global eGift card platform with operations in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. A trailblazer in transforming traditional gift-giving with its innovative digital gift card platform. Prezzee’s seamless and convenient solution allows users to purchase, send, and redeem gift cards online, offering a modern twist to the age-old tradition of gifting.

Prezzee recognized the need for a digital gift card platform that simplifies the gifting experience. By eliminating physical cards and embracing digital technology, Prezzee offers users a more flexible and personalized way to send gifts. Recipients can access their gift cards instantly, either through the Prezzee app or by email, making it convenient and hassle-free.

One of the most appealing aspects of Prezzee is the extensive range of retailers and brands available on its platform. From popular fashion outlets to renowned restaurants and entertainment venues, Prezzee offers a vast selection of gift cards to suit everyone’s preferences. Users can choose from over 100 top brands, ensuring that their gift cards will be both thoughtful and memorable.

Prezzee empowers gift-givers with the ability to customize their presents, adding a personal touch to each gift card. Users can personalize their digital gift cards with messages, photos, and even videos, making the experience truly unique and heartfelt. Furthermore, recipients have the flexibility to use their gift cards either in-store or online, providing them with endless possibilities to enjoy their chosen gifts. Digital gift cards offer instant delivery, ensuring that last-minute gifts are no longer a cause for panic. Recipients can receive their gift cards within seconds, making them ideal for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion. The redemption process is equally straightforward, with users simply presenting their digital gift card at the retailer or entering the code online.


Prezzee’s digital gift card solution aligns with the growing demand for sustainable practices. By eliminating the need for physical cards, Prezzee contributes to reducing paper waste and carbon footprint. Additionally, the convenience of Prezzee’s platform allows users to manage and organize their gift cards digitally, eliminating the risk of losing or misplacing them.

Prezzee’s innovative approach to gift-giving has revolutionized the way we exchange presents. Their digital gift card platform offers convenience, customization, and a wide range of options, ensuring that both gift-givers and recipients are delighted. With Prezzee, the days of generic, impersonal gifts are over.

Prezzee is the Global digital eGift card platform offering the most diverse and recognised brands across the world for our businesses and direct customers. Offering a seamless gift giving experience that is personalised, convenient and sustainable.


Products & Services

Prezzee Classic (B2C)

Every day gift giving is made simple and personal for the right gift, every time! Send a digital gift card from over 800+ global retail brands to friends and family around the world. You can schedule delivery, personalise it with a video or greeting card message and delivered in seconds.

Prezzee Business and Campaigns (B2B)

Prezzee partners with 10,000+ corporate clients who utilise Prezzee as a tool for rewards, incentives, acquisition and loyalty for their staff and customers. Our Australian clients include some of the most respected brands such as Microsoft, Atlassian, Canva, HSBC, Bankwest, Medibank, Coca-Cola and Westpac.

Prezzee API (Buy Now/Pay Later platforms)

Prezzee powers the Gift Card marketplace for global Buy Now, Pay later clients including Afterpay, ZIP and Klarna.

Prezzee Smart eGift Card

Their #1 selling Gift Card – the universal gift of choice. The Prezzee Smart eGift Card allows the recipient to exchange their Gift Card for any retailer Gift Card on the platform.


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