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Investment Highlights

Discovers, Develops, and Commercialises novel anticancer and wound healing pharmaceuticals
Proven ability to partner successfully and commercialise products with global global industry leaders
Diverse and experienced team with over 20 years track record

Company Overview

Simultaneous human and veterinary development model

Delivers earlier returns and reduces risks for human development

Treating tumours & wounds with high-value, inter-related programmes

Human oncology & would healing pharmaceutical

Proprietary drug discovery platform EcoLogic™

Offer potential for long term growth targeting only the best biologically active molecules

Veterninary pharmaceuticals already in the market

Marketing veterinary drug STELFONTA in the US, Europe and Australia

QBiotics research and development program is based on compounds derived from the Australian tropical rainforest.

The product focus addresses unmet medical needs for humans and companion animals, with a concentration on the global health priority areas of cancer, specifically solid tumours, and chronic wound management.

QBiotics is an Australian life sciences company, inspired by nature to improve human and animal health.

Pursuing both monotherapy and combination therapy avenues in clinical trials to test efficacy and safety – results of these studies provided a clinically relevant and highly validated model for cancer in humans

Current Market Cap >A$500M

850,000 shares available


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  • Management

  • Directors

Dr Peter Schmidt

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Wenzel

Chief Financial Officer

Mary Phipps

Chief Marketing Officer

Dr Richard Yocum

Chief Medical Officer

Roberta Bozzili

Chief Legal & Commercial Officer

Ebru Davidson

General Counsel

Dr Tracey Mynott

Business Development Manager

Dr Sam Yurdakul

Director of Prduct Development

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