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Investment Highlights

Replicating world's best practice solutions operating in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada
Strong financial profile, high barriers to entry and low environmental and liability risk
First mover advantage in Australasia and highly experienced executive management team

Company Overview

Hazardous waste is a huge problem – not just for the environment, but for the profitability of Australian businesses.

Tellus® is Australia’s safest choice because it is a geological repository, not a landfill. This means our sites have natural barriers built-in that make them very effective at keeping the waste away from people and the environment

Tellus contributes toward a safer and cleaner Australia by developing a portfolio of geological repositories that provide waste storage, recycling, recovery, permanent isolation services and related commodity by-products.

Permanent Isolation Solutions

Tellus delivers value across four distinct stages that will each service unique target markets and jurisdictions. Tellus is developing the Sandy Ridge project first, the Chandler facility and other proposed projects will follow.

Tellus strategy is underpinned by a balanced scorecard approach – with a focus on financial, customer, and internal business processes, learning and growth perspectives.

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Tellus is an innovative environmental services company cleaning up hazardous waste across Australia by developing and operating geological repositories and reinvesting in its communities through the circular economy.

What is a Geological Repository?

It is NOT a landfill. A landfill is an open-cut mine with a liner that will one day break and cause pollution.

Tellus’ geological repository is totally different – it does not have a liner. Instead, its safety case is built on the natural barriers of our sites that are geologically stable, away from ground water and communities on large beds of clay.

All sites are verified by international independent experts at all Tellus sites.


Tellus is focused on developing two flagship dual revenue projects – The Sandy Ridge Facility (Western Australia) and The Chandler Facility (Northern Territory)

All sites meet intnernational best practice site selection criteria

Are geologically spread across Australia

Are diversified by type on clay or salt repositories

Can handle a wide variety of waster types

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  • Management

  • Directors

Nicholas Williams

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Ingram

Chief Operating Officer

Corrina Tolomel

Head of HSEQC & People

Kavita Paw

General Counsel & Company Secretary

Stephen Hosking

Chief Development Officer

Aaron Parnell

Head of External Affairs

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