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The Cheeky Panda

A young and disruptive company offering a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative







Company Overview

All products are made from 100% global forestation-certified (FSC) Virgin Bamboo.

The entire team is composed of highly trained, dedicated individuals who are passionate about finding sustainable solutions for clients and customers.

Investment Summary

Brand Equity – The Cheeky Panda has a high brand recognition in the UK grown from 5% in 2018 to 35% in2020, net promoter score of 90, average online review 4.6 out of 5 stars.Consumers love the high quality products and authentic back story.

Multiple Categories – whilst other new challenger brands have focussed on one product, The Cheeky Panda operates across 4 categories, Household, Beauty, Baby and Office Supplies, this range moves it into a modern day version of a Kimberley Clarke or Essity rather than just a toilet tissue company.

Huge Market – Across all the 4 categories the annual market size is £200B. The addressable market for mainstream brands is £100B, so achieving a turnover of £100M would still only represent 0.1% of the addressable market size.

ESG Disruptor – As one of the few brands to use 100% FSC Pulp, a B Corp and Carbon balanced being one of the first pure play ESG companies to scale.

Experienced Team – With 5 years experience in working with China, Global Supply Chains, Marketing and winning numerous retailer and B2B contracts.

Award Winning – Winner of over 20 awards in the categories of best new product, best business, entrepreneurs of the year, sustainability award and innovation.

Proven ability to be global – launching into multiple European markets in 2017 The Cheeky Panda can now be found in over 25 countries including USA, China and the Middle East.

Clear Road to IPO – with the high growth category in LSE the target and a large pipeline of retailers, businesses and international growth at the current rate we can achieve IPO in 3 years. With 3 years on audited accounts completed in March of 2021 and the board and governance structure in place the foundations are there to make it a seamless transition from the private to public marketplace with a market cap value of £500M+.

Secondary sale of Existing Shares @ £45 per share being at a discount to the current raise price of £50 a share.

The current Pre Money valuation is £75M = 7x Q4 2020 turnover.

In the past 3 years shares in The Cheeky Panda have increased by over 700% in value and sales have grown from £100k in 2017 to £5.7m in 2020. With so much more potential in a global market this is an opportunity to acquire shares via the secondary market in one of the fastest growing ESG companies in the UK.

Track Record of Growth – Rapid sales growth from £100,000 in 2017 to £500,000 in 2018, £1.7M in 2019, £5.7M in 2020 and on track for £10M+ in 2021. Not only demonstrated over 100% YOY sales growth also a high yielding share price from £4.23 to £43.20 in just over 3 years.

Investment and Financials

2021 – Is part of a major scale up across all channels and markets. The key to achieving Growth is listings with major retailers and having the brand awareness to make these launches a success and secure long term partnerships that will generate annual revenues in the tens of millions. With two teams in the UK and China and the know how to deploy and execute against these contracts. The company is also using AI in online sales marketing ensuring ROAS of 5 to 1 or greater. This will enable Amazon, Ecommerce and D2C channels to grow sustainably and quickly. As it expands both the products range, enters new markets and achieves more listings the share price will continue to show a high yield in the next 3 years as it pushes to its ultimate objective of public markets.

Valuation and Liquidity

Growth and margins have remained consistent and the money raised has remained on the balance sheet with the exception of the £1M media for equity deal with Northern and Shell which has been spent to boost the brand on TV and via Trinity Mirrors national and regional media. This is not just about investing into a high growth ESGbrand its about investing into a brand that has strong governance around margins and balance sheet management

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