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Investment Highlights

The Farmer’s Dog focuses on providing fresh, high-quality food for dogs.

Founded by two dog lovers who were fed up with highly-processed, burnt brown balls marketed as “natural” and “healthy,” they decided to reimagine pet food from the ground up.

Company Overview

The Farmer’s Dog is all about turning unconditional love for dogs into uncomplicated care. It starts with what goes into their food bowls.

The founders collaborated with top veterinary nutritionists, using decades of pet nutrition research and common sense. The result? A fresh, convenient pet food service that sets new quality and safety standards in the industry. Their food is safe enough for humans to eat but nutritionally complete and balanced for dogs.

The Journey Begins with Jada:

  • Jada, a beautiful puppy, suffered from severe digestive issues during her first two years of life.
  • Her dad (one of the co-founders), Brett, tried every commercial dog food on the market, but nothing helped.
  • Brett eventually tried home cooking, preparing ingredients that looked, smelled, and tasted like real food.
  • Seemingly overnight, Jada’s problems disappeared, revealing the power of fresh, real food for dogs.
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Real Food, Real Results:
Dogs of all shapes and sizes thrived on The Farmer’s Dog food, and their humans had newfound peace of mind about what they were feeding. With a small-but-mighty team, they expanded delivery nationwide without compromising the care, love, and quality of their first home-cooked batch.

Fresh Food vs. Kibble:

  • The Farmer’s Dog delivers real, fresh food made from human-grade meat and veggies.
  • Their safety and quality standards are unprecedented in the pet food industry.
  • The name “The Farmer’s Dog” was inspired by the simple, pure, and unfussy relationship between humans, dogs, and the earth—a bond they strive to capture in everything they do.

The company has grown to hundreds of employees and delivers millions of meals monthly.
Their driving force remains the same: making it easy to keep dogs healthy.

Jada’s story has ultimately impacted countless dogs, even if she might not realize it.

The Farmer's Dog team has grown to hundreds of employees and are delivering millions of meals monthly. 

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