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TOR Mining Capital Limited

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Company Overview

TOR Mining Capital Limited (“TOR Capital”) is a private equity company that is focused on providing finance for mining companies.

The Company was spun out from a large private equity fund in order to create a separate public private equity company with the specific intention of leveraging existing assets and acquiring additional assets at current low valuations.

TOR Capital is focused on mining finance assets, and existing assets consist of convertible loans to mining companies as well as equity investments in companies that provide mining finance via streaming contracts, royalty agreements and offtake agreements.

Current portfolio consists of 90% mining finance assets and 10% other mining assets; all targeted accretive acquisitions will be in the mining finance sector. Most of TOR Capital’s current assets were acquired at low valuations and are all projecting significant growth in the next 5 years.

EOI – US$200,000 asking price.

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