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Investment Highlights

The U Group earns sharply increasing double-digit millions of dollars from rewarding its App-users for uploading copies of their purchase receipts to the data centre of U Group. 

When analysed by the company's proprietary, sophisticated Machine Learning software, the valuable, processed data is purchased by major brands, businesses and leading market research firms, generating high earnings margins for the U Group. 

Contracts are often multi-year to identify consumer preference trends etc. overlaid against other data such the user age group and earnings band, revealing valuable commercial insights.

The U Group website displays the names of some of its corporate customers here:

Its growing staff of nearly 30, plus tens of contractors across several countries, is very highly skilled and includes personnel that has previous experience from very successful, well known, global tech companies. 

The company is already generating millions of dollars in net earnings and is debt free. 

The company has less than 50 million shares on issue. The most recent off-market transaction was settled at $2 per share.

Company Overview

About the U Group

The U Group is a protagonist for the ethical acquisition and safe protection of all consumer data it receives from its large number of subscribed App users, against awards that are tailored to be fair to the company’s App users.

The company’s technology allows it to rapidly extract and process detailed consumer purchase data from receipts.  This data is then monetised by selling the resulting, intelligent market information to brands and market research firms alike, enabling these clients to make confident business decisions, based on the market facts and trends documented by the U Group’s reports.


The U Group Business

U Group strives to bring market-leading speed, accuracy and transparency to the consumer data industry. The company delivers valuable consumer choice insights to its clients, be they consumer brands or market research firms. 

The Data Collection and Reporting

Using proprietary data capture technology, the U Group uses AI to extract detailed information from online & offline receipts that have been securely shared with U Group by users of its mobile phone App.

When processed and statistically analysed, the now valuable and timely data informs clients of the U Group about the preferences of shoppers across the various age or income groups, documenting how any specific consumer preferences change over time.

Rewarding Consumers for Sharing Purchase Receipt Data

U Group ethically and fairly rewards those consumers using its mobile phone App for entrusting them with their receipt copies, while securely protecting their privacy and receipt data. 

In addition to the rewards paid to them, the users of the U Group App benefit directly from preserving, categorising and storing their own purchase history and invoice copies which often include product warranties that may become important later.


Product Data Categorisation

The U Group App handles both on-line and paper receipts. The receipt information is immediately processed by machine-learning software so receipts for multiproduct purchases are broken down to detailed information about each individual product and then categorised accordingly. 

Verified Data

U Group data is collected in real time by real people and is therefore unaffected by search bots, collection bias or direct fraudulence. Clients of U Group are sure to receive only accurate and verified data.


  • Startup of the Year Finalist – ARN Innovation Awards 2021
  • Startup of the Year – 2020 My Business Awards
  • The iAwards 2020 - Startup of the Year Semifinalist
  • Merit Award for startup of year 2020 – Lateral INCITE Awards

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