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Investment Highlights

80+ lender with 200+ products including from the major banks
14,000+ SMW customers assisted with a needs assessment
A$1.4B in loands funded for Australian SME's

Company Overview

Unique Proprietary Software

Complete Digital Delivery Model

Strong Revenue Growth

Upfront Commission & Repeat Customers

Finance for every business need

Whether looking to expand, purchase a new asset or boost cash flow, Valiant has a range of options for every business venture.

Valiant Financial’s technology platform can deliver funding to businesses in as little as 24 hours from start to finish.

Built on the proprietary Savanna software platform that empowers third parties and opens new growth channels through easy lender acquisition.

Key Information

Interested parties upon request can access further detailed financial information only first by accepting a Non Disclosure agreement or Confidentiality agreement (NDA) with the company directly.

Please note there is a 30-day Right of First Refusal (ROFR) period with existing shareholders once an order has been matched on the platform, allowing the shareholders to take up the offer.

How ROFR works

1. Order matched on PrimaryMarkets platform (trade executed)

2. PrimaryMarkets will send a ‘Next step’ email to Buyer & Sellers to advise of further instructions to finalise the trade

3. The Seller will then communicate share sale to existing shareholders (30-day period) in line with the ROFR agreement

4. Transfer documentation to be prepared by PrimaryMarkets team, signed by Buyer/Seller

5. If no existing shareholders take up the pending offer, the Buyer to transfer funds to the escrow account

6. Once funds are secured in Escrow and the completed transfer documentation is received, Funds will then be released to the Seller

7. PrimaryMarkets will send completed documentation to Valiant Finance to enact the transfer of shares also Buyer to sign the company deed of accession

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