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Investment Highlights

VINEX is digitally transforming wine trading, delivering a lower cost, unique business to business service
Trades on average on VINEX are more than 150,000 litres
VINEX trading has become widely recognised as the future of wine trading

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VINEX is a professional B2B global wine marketplace. A web-based trading platform for bulk and bottled wines allowing buyers and sellers to directly connect in real-time within the wine business sector.

The world wine market is large and growing. In total, more than 27 billion liters of wine are produced each year. Of that volume, more than 35% is traded B2B between producers and production intermediaries before being finally sold to importers, wholesalers, or directly to retailers.

Previously, buyers and sellers completed trades directly, or through wine agents/brokers within regions, using a conventional broking approach.

VINEX is digitally transforming wine trading, delivering a lower cost, unique business-to-business service enabling the wine to be traded without boundaries. VINEX connects trade organisations directly within and across markets, providing a more efficient, accessible, secure and lower-cost alternative.

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What does VINEX trade?

Bulk Wines

Wines in a bulk format, either unfinished or finished are traded through the exchange.

Trades average more than 150,000 litres and range from 1,000 litres of luxury (A) wines to 2 million litres of commercial (D) wines. In addition to wine, VINEX trades grape must, wine juice concentrate, grape spirit and brandy.

Bottled Wines

Wines in all packaged formats are traded through the exchange. Categories include Producer Brands, Private Labels, Buyers’ Own Brands, Clearance, UnLabelled, Cleanskins and US Shiners.

Sellers can feature their offering through the exchange, incorporating specific packaging details, photos and technical specifications.

Buyers can promote their sourcing requirements for any packaged wine type, including Producer Brands, and include specific product, trade, packaging and technical details.

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Who makes up the market?


Sellers include cooperatives, independent producers, wine agents/brokers, contract winemakers, bottling companies, brand owners, exporters and wholesalers. Members range in size from large to small, are located within or across all regions and countries. To trade, they must first be verified and approved by VINEX. Registration form available here


Buyers include exporters, importers, bottling companies, wholesalers, retailers (and other wine producers). They also range in size and are located in established or emerging wine regions and markets. For buyers to trade, they must first be verified and approved by VINEX.

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