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World's largest voluntary carbon offsets & environmental commodities exchange


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If you are seeking to buy or sell a substantial number of shares beyond what is listed on the PrimaryMarkets Platform, please reach out to our trading team.

Investment Highlights

World's largest voluntary carbon offset exchange that traded more than 20M tonnes of carbon assets in 2021
Global investment giant Blackstone completed a US$400M investment in 2022
Voluntary carbon offsets are a key vehicle for companies to manage the transition to a carbon-free economy as governments push de-carbonisation plans

Company Overview

Inifnite array of data-driven commodity products

Trade commodities in an intuitive, user-friendly environment with transparent asset pricing

Global marketplace for ESG-inclusive product

Redefining value based on immutable information - proven provedence so commodities can be valued across their lifecycle

Xpansiv provides tools and information to more accurately value agriculture, energy, and materials; unleashing the power of global markets to deliver a world worthy of future generations.

Xpansiv is the marketplace for an ever-expanding ecosystem of environmental commodities – like RECs, offsets, and differentiated fuels – that accelerate the transition to a net-zero future.

Formed in 2019 through the merger of CBL (founded 2009) and Xpansiv (founded 2016), the company has 200+ employees and offices in Sydney, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Vancouver, London, Milan, and Bendigo.

Products & Services



Enables seamless transactions of renewable energy, carbon offsets, differentiated materials, and water on leading ESG-centric spot markets CBL, H2OX, ACE, and OTX.



Translates ESG spot market price data into high-quality reference products, enabling global markets to accurately price ESG factors for a low-carbon future.



Provides a single point of access to multiple registries from one intuitive interface, streamlining ESG portfolio management.



Integrates leading and emerging registries, certifications, data providers, and refineries with a global liquidity pool for ESG commodities.


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Sam Teplitsky

Chief Ops & Infrastructure Officer

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