December 23, 2021

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Rick Solomon

As we head towards the end of 2021, we thought now is a good time to share some of the most sought-after opportunities we have seen this year on the PrimaryMarkets platform.

In selecting which stocks to cover, we have considered opportunities that fit one or more of the below criteria:

  • Experiencing massive active trading, from both the buy and sell side.
  • Has reached unicorn status, which is defined as a market capitalisation of over $1 Billion.
  • Offers a unique investment opportunity that is difficult to access elsewhere.



Hot stock: Animoca Brands

Sector Online Gaming and NFTs


Animoca Brands is a global gaming company with three main business lines: digital entertainment, blockchain, NFTs and gamification. The company develops original games as well as leveraging internationally recognised, licenced intellectual properties. It is also using blockchain technology to develop and deliver a new digital asset class for game creators and players.

Market capitalisation

AU$5 Billion[DI1] *

Trading history

Animoca Brands was founded in 2014 and listed on the ASX in January 2015. The company de-listed from the ASX in March 2020 and joined the PrimaryMarkets platform in July 2020, where it displays company information for investors and its shares are actively traded.

Animoca Brands shares began trading on the platform at UU$0.07 per share in July 2020 and are currently trading at AU$4.44[DI2] per share*^.



Hot stock: Virtual Gaming Worlds (VGW)

Sector Online Gaming


Virtual Gaming Worlds (VGW) is a fast-growing global technology company and creator of online social games. Founded by Laurence Escalante in 2010, the company’s vision is to create a virtual world focused on social gaming and entertainment.

Market capitalisation

AU$2.7 Billion[DI3] *

Trading history

VGW has not been listed on the ASX and thus remains unlisted, with the company joining the Primary Markets platform in [DI4] 2019. Shares began trading on the PrimaryMarkets platform at AU$0.35 and are now trading at AU$4.50 [DI5] *^.



Spire Capital

Sector Funds management


Spire Capital is a funds management business focused on highly differentiated private market strategies to optimise risk-adjusted returns for clients. They have a number of funds with diverse investment themes including digitalisation, energy transition, affordable housing, and food security and sustainability.

Trading history

Spire Capital investors can use the PrimaryMarkets platform to trade units across the funds. Spire opens a trading window for investors twice a year, in April and October.



Secondary trading in US unicorns

Sector Variety


PrimaryMarkets has 34 [DI8] US-based unlisted unicorns available to trade on its platform. These opportunities for trading in existing securities and require a minimum US$250,000 investment and also are transacted in line with US trading rules. Trading may also come with pre-emptive rights, where the company has the first right to refuse a buyer or offer alternative liquidity solutions (ROFR or Right of First Refusal). The PrimaryMarkets platform will help facilitate this process where applicable.

Companies include The EVERY COMPANY, Digital Currency Group, Impossible Foods, BuzzFeed[GS9] and more.

Market capitalisation

US$1 Billion + per company

Trading history

Trading history varies from company to company.



Trading on PrimaryMarkets

You can learn more about these hot stocks by logging in to PrimaryMarkets ( Each company whose shares are listed on PrimaryMarkets is encouraged to provide company information such as investor presentations, financials, media coverage and more, to help investors make informed investment decisions. You can also view on the PrimaryMarkets platform trading history, the current share or unit prices, and place a buy or sell order.

Please [DI10] remember that we do not make any investment recommendations at PrimaryMarkets and investment decisions you make need to consider your personal circumstances. Our focus is on providing a safe, secure platform for buying and selling shares in unlisted/private companies. Along with providing liquidity for shareholders of a company we also assist unlisted companies to raise new capital.

*As at 16th December 2021.

^ [11] Past performance is not an indication of future performance. In reporting past performance, individual circumstances have not been taken into account and returns can vary depending on an individual’s situation. Before making an investment decision, you should consider your circumstances and whether the information on our website is applicable to your situation.

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