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Investment Highlights

A diversified customer base, across Australia, but over 50% of sales go overseas to multiple markets

Renowned for high quality 100% Australian Eucalyptus and Manuka honeys, operating at a very high Quality Assurance standard (FSSC22000)

The market for Manuka honey is still growing (+5.5% CAGR 2022 – 31*) with major opportunities in medical related markets (for eg wound care)

Increasingly developing business within the ingredients sector, to the food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors

Company Overview

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Australian Organic Honey Co P/L (trading as Berringa)

100% Australian owned, operating from well established leased factory and office premises in Melbourne, Victoria. Berringa has a reputation for premium honey and honey related products

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Berringa operate at a particularly high level of Quality Assurance (QA)

Achieving and retaining FSSC22000 accreditation (incorporating ISO and GMP), as well as having Australian Certified Organic (ACO) status for a number of products

One of the secrets to the potency of Manuka Honey is the antibacterial level of the honey itself. There are several different antibacterial measurement methods in use around the World, however in Australia, it is called MGO. When you see or hear the term “MGO” that refers to the Methylglyoxal level of the manuka. It is a comparative measurement of antibacterial activity within the honey. Simply, the higher the MGO number the more potent the antibacterial level.

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Berringa MGO900+ level manuka product is so potent that it can only be sourced within Australia! we call it a “Super Manuka”. Not only is it edible, tastes delicious, sweet and smooth, but it also has a large range of health benefits. From Digestive Health and Skin Treatment to Wound Care, you simply can’t get anything stronger. It’s truly an incredible honey sought out by Medical Professionals globally. Berringa’s Special Manuka – MGO 900+ is arguably the best Manuka Honey available worldwide.



Quality and integrity of every product bearing the Berringa label. Berringa independently test all of their 100% Australian Manuka honey, ensuring what you read on the label matches what’s in the jar. 

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Berringa is proudly Australian-owned and operated. They source all of their honey exclusively from Australian beekeeping families along the East Coast and have processing facilities in Melbourne.



Committed to sourcing the best quality local produce, Berringa is proud to offer a range of Australian Certified Organic products. Look for the ACO symbol.



All Berringa Honey is unpasteurised, unadulterated and 100% pure. It all tastes just as nature intended, delicious.

Products & Services

Berringa’s premium range of honeys includes 100% Australian Manuka’s at a variety of different strengths (as measured by “methylglyoxal..or MGO”). From MGO60+ “everyday” easypour manuka through MGO levels at 120, 220, 400, 550 and, the highest, 900.

Berringa also has a range of Manuka/blend honey, like Manuka and Tea Tree and Manuka Boost (Eucalyptus honey and Manuka).
All Berringa Manuka products have their MGO level independently verified by external NATA-accredited laboratories.

Berringa also has a range of premium Eucalyptus honey products, including certified organic and raw and natural variants, as well as honeycomb in honey variants.

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Transaction Overview

Raising A$2.5M on a pre-money valuation of A$9.8M

Minimum investment size of A$25,000

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Terry Ho

Finance/General Manager

Richard Arbon

Consulting CMO

Ngoc Le

QA Manager

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