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Securing a sustainable future for Australian Industry and Extracta Shareholders

Reprocessing food manufacture by-products and agricultural surplus into high-value food ingredients, for local and export markets.

Business Highlights

An innovative Australian manufacturer, Extracta reclaims valuable nutrients from farming surplus and unused produce. These inputs are ‘upcycled’ into high-value natural ingredients for the food, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.

  • Australian innovation and IP, applies globally

  • Re-establishing a lost Australian food manufacturing industry – Pectin production

  • B2B customers signed

  • Retail products being released pre-Christmas this year

  • Secure supply chain of local ingredients

  • Strongly supported by the Australian Federal Government with grant funds

  • Partners with Queensland University of Technology and Macquarie University

  • Improving farming sustainability and reducing carbon footprints

Transaction Overview

Raising A$1M

  • The full investment will purchase 18 percent of Extracta Pty Ltd stock
  • Fully paid ordinary shares are offered at A$0.67 per share. Extracta reserves the right to take over oversubscriptions
  • For significant investments a board seat may be offered. Extracta currently has 6,767,980 shares on issue, pre-raise
  • Extracta will issue 1,492,537 ordinary shares for this fundraising
  • Extracta will have 8,260,517 ordinary shares post-raise

This is a Seed Round only open to Sophisticated Investors. The minimum investment is $25,000

Use of Funds

Sales personnel $85,000¹
Sales trade market (samples/point of sale) $55,000¹
Marketing resources (ICON + internal) $45,000¹
Digital sales / marketing $30,000¹
Crew wages $100,000¹
Pectin processing equipment $140,000²
Filling and packing equipment $55,000²
Extracta management (4 people) $80,000²
Travel (to from NSW/QLD processing sites) $60,000¹
Finished goods transport $25,000¹
Warehousing $30,000¹
R&D costs with ITTC grant $30,000²
R&D costs with FFW CRC grant $120,000²
Working capital $45,000²
Contingency $100,000
Total $1,000,000
¹ Year 1 until cash positive
² Not grant funded

Company Overview

Extracta creates value by recovering unused food and agricultural surplus and upcycling it into natural ingredients used by the food, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.
Upcycling is an environmentally friendly way of giving unused material a new life. It reduces waste, saves energy, and avoids the cost of disposal. Reducing waste has significant environmental benefits, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and the products recovered have significant commercial value.

Extracta is:

  • Providing a local supply chain for manufacturers by supplying pectin, sugarcane fibre, grape marc, grape seed oil in it’s first year of operation.
  • Providing an opportunity to invest in a sustainable business with strong government support
  • Re-establishing a lost Australian manufacturing industry – pectin
  • Offering sustainable value add opportunities for Australian farmers and viticulturalists

Extracta converts low-cost raw materials that are currently lost to the food chain into high-value products. The products Extracta is producing are in growing demand globally as health and nutrition products. Requirements to demonstrate environmentally responsible manufacturing and sustainability are also increasingly demanded by consumers. Extracta delivers in all of these areas.

Extracta has few direct competitors because its business model is focused on low volume, high margin, and superior quality products. Whereas most manufacturers in this area produce high-volume, low-margin products and are limited to one or two base raw materials. In many cases, this high-volume business model is unsustainable in Australia because it is not a large enough market to compete with low-wage countries.

For example, pectin has not been manufactured in Australia for many years due to price pressure from imported products. However, it can be cost-effectively manufactured in Australia so there is an opportunity to re-establish the local market.

Australia has very few ingredient manufacturers for high-quality food and food as a medicine market. For example, Extracta’s first customer MediKane currently imports sugarcane from Japan as no competitive supplier exists in Australia. Extracta can provide the quality standards required.

Supplying the High-Quality Value Add Market

Partnering with High-End Marketing Organisations

Enter the Pectin Market

Low Volume, High Margin



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Rod Lewis

Founding Director & Chief Executive Officer

Dr Malcolm Ball

Founding Director & Chief Scientific Officer

Allan Dowsett

Non-Executive Director

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