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Investment Highlights

Company's focus is to develop its high-quality gold bearing kaolin project

Significant Growth Opportunities

Pre-IPO Opportunity

Extensive Experience of Boards Members

Company Overview

High-quality Australian kaolin project – Developing a major gold and ‘‘white gold’’ project – at scale

The company’s focus is on its gold and kaolin resource in NE Queensland, Australia.

Conversion of kaolin into metakaolin opens up significant new markets, notably cement and HPA, in addition to kaolin’s existing markets in ceramics, medical applications and paper.

Extracting value from Brumby’s kaolin deposits will further improve the economics of gold extraction.

The unique co-mining opportunity for gold and kaolin at the Brilliant Brumby project offers the possibility of mining gold at costs expected to be amongst the lowest in the world.

Advanced exploration identifies promising gold veins

The Company has a clear strategy to establish viable mining operations based on the gold veins that characterise the Mt Stewart region.

Initial work involved the extensive collection and assimilation of historical and open-file exploration data which has been followed by a series of exploration programs including geological mapping, reconnaissance, and research along with surface geochemical sampling and RC Drilling.

This exploration work has resulted in the discovery of a series of gold-bearing veins across the project area which are now the subject of a systematic program of highlighting and testing.

Work on evaluating mineral processing options has led to an overall gold recovery as high as 97.5%, with 91.5% recovery from gravity methods alone.

Additional Lithium potential

In early 2023, a potential third pillar was introduced to InterGroup’s Brumby Project following the discovery of high–grade lithium anomalies in a stream sediment sampling program on an adjacent property.

The Company believes the pegmatite formation within the Lolworth Range area of its Brumby Project offers the most logical source. 

Who are Intergroup Mining?

Intergroup Mining Limited is an Australian-based mining and exploration company focused on exploring and extracting minerals essential to delivering a net zero emissions world.

The Company owns a 100% interest in the Brilliant Brumby Project compromising one Mining, five EPMs, and an application for another Mining Lease which together cover an area totaling 180km².

The Company’s focus is on developing a major high-quality kaolin and gold project called Brilliant Brumby Project in North Eastern Queensland, Australia.

A Unique Co-Mining Opportunity for Gold and Kaolin

With additional REM potential

Extensive Experience of Boards Members Consisting of 30+ Years

In Mining, Finance, Venture Capital Investment and Management

Significant Growth Opportunity with Kaolin Seen as Essential to Delivering Net Zero Emissions

Pre-IPO Opportunity

Transaction Overview

IG Mining is seeking to raise A$17M at a price of A$0.16 per share at a pre-money valuation of ~A$137M.

The company has aspirations to list on the ASX in 2023.

Use of funds


Funding of drilling & exploration, build metakaolin pilot plant & technical studies


Administration costs & working capital


Servicing costs of funding for the Brilliant Brumby Project



John Bohringer

Director, Company Secretary

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